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Chapter 18.74 RCW



HTMLPDF 18.74.005Purpose of chapter.
HTMLPDF 18.74.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 18.74.012Consultation with health care practitioner not required for certain treatments.
HTMLPDF 18.74.015Referral to health care practitionersWhen required.
HTMLPDF 18.74.020Board createdMembersStaff assistanceCompensation and travel expenses.
HTMLPDF 18.74.023BoardPowers and duties.
HTMLPDF 18.74.025Standards for appropriateness of physical therapy careViolation.
HTMLPDF 18.74.027BoardOfficersMeetingsQuorum.
HTMLPDF 18.74.029Application of Uniform Disciplinary Act.
HTMLPDF 18.74.030Qualifications of applicants.
HTMLPDF 18.74.033QualificationsMilitary training and experience.
HTMLPDF 18.74.035ExaminationsScopeTime and place.
HTMLPDF 18.74.038Physical therapist assistantsWaiver of examination.
HTMLPDF 18.74.040Licenses.
HTMLPDF 18.74.050LicensesFees.
HTMLPDF 18.74.060Licensure by endorsement.
HTMLPDF 18.74.065LicensesIssuance to persons licensed or registered before July 24, 1983.
HTMLPDF 18.74.070Renewal of license.
HTMLPDF 18.74.073LicensesInactive statusFees.
HTMLPDF 18.74.075Interim permits.
HTMLPDF 18.74.085Types of advertising prohibited.
HTMLPDF 18.74.090False advertisingUse of name and wordsLicense requiredProsecutions of violations.
HTMLPDF 18.74.095False advertisingInjunctions.
HTMLPDF 18.74.120Record of proceedingsRegister.
HTMLPDF 18.74.125Construction of chapterActivities not prohibitedUse of letters or words in connection with name.
HTMLPDF 18.74.128Construction of chapterHealth carrier contracts with physical therapist assistants.
HTMLPDF 18.74.130Exemptions.
HTMLPDF 18.74.135Insurance coverage and benefits not required or regulated.
HTMLPDF 18.74.140Practice setting not restricted.
HTMLPDF 18.74.150Unlawful activitiesPersons exempt from licensure under chapter.
HTMLPDF 18.74.160Authorization to practiceReferral to appropriate practitionerStandards of ethicsElectroneuromyographic examinationsAuthorization to purchase, store, and administer certain drugs or medication.
HTMLPDF 18.74.170Delegation.
HTMLPDF 18.74.180Professional and legal responsibilitySupervision of assistive personnel.
HTMLPDF 18.74.190Spinal manipulationEndorsement.
HTMLPDF 18.74.200Intramuscular needlingEndorsement.
HTMLPDF 18.74.500Physical Therapy Licensure Compact.
HTMLPDF 18.74.510Physical therapy licensure compactCompact privilegeFees.
HTMLPDF 18.74.520Physical therapy licensure compactCriminal history information.
HTMLPDF 18.74.912Effective dates2007 c 98.


Health professions accountFees creditedRequirements for biennial budget requestUnappropriated funds: RCW 43.70.320.
Lien of doctors: Chapter 60.44 RCW.