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Unlawful practicesPenalty for violationsExceptions.

(1) Any person not a licensed pharmacist and not having continuously and regularly in his employ a duly licensed pharmacist within the full meaning of this chapter, who shall practice pharmacy; or
(2) Any person who shall permit the compounding and dispensing of prescriptions, or vending of drugs, medicines, or poisons in his or her store or place of business, except under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist; or
(3) Any licensed pharmacist or shopkeeper licensed under this chapter, who while continuing in business, shall fail or neglect to procure his or her renewal of license; or
(4) Any person who shall wilfully make any false representations to procure a license for himself or herself or for any other person; or
(5) Any person who shall violate any of the provisions of this chapter wilfully and knowingly; or
(6) Any person who shall take or use or exhibit in or upon any place of business, or advertise in a newspaper, telephone directory, or other directory, or by electronic media, or in any other manner, the title of pharmacist, pharmacy intern, pharmacy assistant, druggist, pharmacy, drug store, medicine store, drug department, drugs, drug sundries, or any title or name of like description or import, or display or permit to be displayed upon said place of business the characteristic pharmacy symbols, bottles or globes, either colored or filled with colored liquids, without having continuously and regularly employed in his or her shop, store, or place of business, during business hours of the pharmacy, a pharmacist duly licensed under this chapter;
shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and each and every day that such prohibited practice continues shall be deemed a separate offense.
[ 1979 c 90 § 16; 1963 c 38 § 12; 1935 c 98 § 6; 1909 c 213 § 7; 1899 c 121 § 13; RRS § 10138. Formerly RCW 18.64.250, 18.64.010, 18.64.030, 18.67.030, 18.67.040 and 18.67.130. FORMER PART OF SECTION: 1909 c 213 § 13; RRS § 10146, now codified as RCW 18.64.280.]
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