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Licensing of pharmacistsRegistration of internsPrerequisitesExaminationsReciprocityFeesRenewal.

(1) The department may license as a pharmacist any person who has filed an application therefor, subscribed by the person under oath or affirmation, containing such information as the commission may by regulation require, and who
(a) Is at least eighteen years of age;
(b) Has satisfied the commission that he or she is of good moral and professional character, that he or she will carry out the duties and responsibilities required of a pharmacist, and that he or she is not unfit or unable to practice pharmacy by reason of the extent or manner of his or her proven use of alcoholic beverages, drugs, or controlled substances, or by reason of a proven physical or mental disability;
(c) Holds a baccalaureate degree in pharmacy or a doctor of pharmacy degree granted by a school or college of pharmacy which is accredited by the commission;
(d) Has completed or has otherwise met the internship requirements as set forth in commission rules;
(e) Has satisfactorily passed the necessary examinations approved by the commission and administered by the department.
(2) The department shall, at least once in every calendar year, offer an examination to all applicants for a pharmacist license who have completed their educational and internship requirements pursuant to rules promulgated by the commission. The examination shall be determined by the commission. In case of failure at a first examination, the applicant shall have within three years the privilege of a second and third examination. In case of failure in a third examination, the applicant shall not be eligible for further examination until he or she has satisfactorily completed additional preparation as directed and approved by the commission. The applicant must pay the examination fee determined by the secretary for each examination taken. Upon passing the required examinations and complying with all the rules and regulations of the commission and the provisions of this chapter, the department shall grant the applicant a license as a pharmacist and issue to him or her a certificate qualifying him or her to enter into the practice of pharmacy.
(3) Any person enrolled as a student of pharmacy in an accredited college may file with the department an application for registration as a pharmacy intern in which application he or she shall be required to furnish such information as the commission may, by regulation, prescribe and, simultaneously with the filing of said application, shall pay to the department a fee to be determined by the secretary. All certificates issued to pharmacy interns shall be valid for a period to be determined by the commission, but in no instance shall the certificate be valid if the individual is no longer making timely progress toward graduation, provided however, the commission may issue an intern certificate to a person to complete an internship to be eligible for initial licensure or for the reinstatement of a previously licensed pharmacist.
(4) To assure adequate practical instruction, pharmacy internship experience as required under this chapter shall be obtained after registration as a pharmacy intern by practice in any licensed pharmacy or other program meeting the requirements promulgated by regulation of the commission, and shall include such instruction in the practice of pharmacy as the commission by regulation shall prescribe.
(5) The department may, without examination other than one in the laws relating to the practice of pharmacy, license as a pharmacist any person who, at the time of filing application therefor, is currently licensed as a pharmacist in any other state, territory, or possession of the United States. The person shall produce evidence satisfactory to the department of having had the required secondary and professional education and training and who was licensed as a pharmacist by examination in another state prior to June 13, 1963, shall be required to satisfy only the requirements which existed in this state at the time he or she became licensed in such other state, and that the state in which the person is licensed shall under similar conditions grant reciprocal licenses as pharmacist without examination to pharmacists duly licensed by examination in this state. Every application under this subsection shall be accompanied by a fee determined by the department.
(6) The department shall provide for, regulate, and require all persons licensed as pharmacists to renew their license periodically, and shall prescribe the form of such license and information required to be submitted by all applicants.


Effective dateSeverability1989 1st ex.s. c 9: See RCW 43.70.910 and 43.70.920.
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