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Pain management rulesRepealAdoption of new rules.

(1) By June 30, 2011, the board shall repeal its rules on pain management, WAC 246-853-510 through 246-853-540.
(2) By June 30, 2011, the board shall adopt new rules on chronic, noncancer pain management that contain the following elements:
(a)(i) Dosing criteria, including:
(A) A dosage amount that must not be exceeded unless an osteopathic physician and surgeon first consults with a practitioner specializing in pain management; and
(B) Exigent or special circumstances under which the dosage amount may be exceeded without consultation with a practitioner specializing in pain management.
(ii) The rules regarding consultation with a practitioner specializing in pain management must, to the extent practicable, take into account:
(A) Circumstances under which repeated consultations would not be necessary or appropriate for a patient undergoing a stable, ongoing course of treatment for pain management;
(B) Minimum training and experience that is sufficient to exempt an osteopathic physician and surgeon from the specialty consultation requirement;
(C) Methods for enhancing the availability of consultations;
(D) Allowing the efficient use of resources; and
(E) Minimizing the burden on practitioners and patients;
(b) Guidance on when to seek specialty consultation and ways in which electronic specialty consultations may be sought;
(c) Guidance on tracking clinical progress by using assessment tools focusing on pain interference, physical function, and overall risk for poor outcome; and
(d) Guidance on tracking the use of opioids, particularly in the emergency department.
(3) The board shall consult with the agency medical directors' group, the department of health, the University of Washington, and the largest association of osteopathic physicians and surgeons in the state.
(4) The rules adopted under this section do not apply:
(a) To the provision of palliative, hospice, or other end-of-life care; or
(b) To the management of acute pain caused by an injury or a surgical procedure.
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