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Actions against licenseGrounds.

(1) The director may, upon notice to the escrow agent and to the insurer providing coverage under RCW 18.44.201, deny, suspend, decline to renew, or revoke the license of any escrow agent or escrow officer if the director finds that the applicant or any partner, officer, director, controlling person, or employee has committed any of the following acts or engaged in any of the following conduct:
(a) Obtaining a license by means of fraud, misrepresentation, concealment, or through the mistake or inadvertence of the director.
(b) Violating any of the provisions of this chapter or any lawful rules made by the director pursuant thereto.
(c) The commission of a crime against the laws of this or any other state or government, involving moral turpitude or dishonest dealings.
(d) Knowingly committing or being a party to, any material fraud, misrepresentation, concealment, conspiracy, collusion, trick, scheme, or device whereby any other person lawfully relying upon the word, representation, or conduct of the licensee or agent or any partner, officer, director, controlling person, or employee acts to his or her injury or damage.
(e) Conversion of any money, contract, deed, note, mortgage, or abstract or other evidence of title to his or her own use or to the use of his or her principal or of any other person, when delivered to him or her in trust or on condition, in violation of the trust or before the happening of the condition; and failure to return any money or contract, deed, note, mortgage, abstract, or other evidence of title within thirty days after the owner thereof is entitled thereto, and makes demand therefor, shall be prima facie evidence of such conversion.
(f) Failing, upon demand, to disclose any information within his or her knowledge to, or to produce any document, book, or record in his or her possession for inspection of, the director or his or her authorized representatives.
(g) Committing any act of fraudulent or dishonest dealing, and a certified copy of the final holding of any court of competent jurisdiction in such matter shall be conclusive evidence in any hearing under this chapter.
(h) Accepting, taking, or charging any undisclosed commission, rebate, or direct profit on expenditures made for the principal.
(i) Committing acts or engaging in conduct that demonstrates the applicant or licensee to be incompetent or untrustworthy, or a source of injury and loss to the public.
(2) Any conduct of an applicant or licensee that constitutes grounds for enforcement action under this chapter is sufficient regardless of whether the conduct took place within or outside of the state of Washington.
(3) In addition to or in lieu of a license suspension, revocation, or denial, the director may assess a fine of up to one hundred dollars per day for each violation of this chapter or rules adopted under this chapter and may remove and/or prohibit from participation in the conduct of the affairs of any licensed escrow agent, any officer, controlling person, director, employee, or licensed escrow officer. The statute of limitations on actions not subject to RCW 4.16.160 that are brought under this chapter by the director is five years.
(4) In addition to or in lieu of (a) a license suspension, revocation, or denial, or (b) fines payable to the department, the director may order an escrow agent, officer, controlling person, director, employee, or licensed escrow officer violating this chapter to make restitution to an injured consumer.
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