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Every escrow officer license issued under the provisions of this chapter expires on the date one year from the date of issue which date will henceforth be the renewal date. An annual license renewal fee in the same amount must be paid on or before each renewal date: PROVIDED, That licenses issued or renewed prior to September 21, 1977, shall use the existing renewal date as the date of issue. If the application for a license renewal is not received by the director on or before the renewal date such license is expired and any activity conducted is unlicensed activity in violation of this chapter. The license may be reinstated at any time prior to sixty days after renewal upon the payment to the director of the annual renewal fee. Acceptance by the director of an application for renewal after the renewal date shall not be a waiver of the delinquency. Licenses not renewed within sixty days after the renewal date shall be canceled. A new license may be obtained by satisfying the procedures and qualifications for initial licensing, including where applicable successful completion of examinations.
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