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Required licensure informationSale to third party prohibitedExemptions.

(1) All applicants who submit applications for licensure on or after January 1, 2025, shall provide the following information with their application:
(a) Race;
(b) Ethnicity;
(c) Gender;
(d) Languages spoken;
(e) Provider specialty, where applicable;
(f) Primary practice location, if known at the time of application; and
(g) Secondary practice location, if applicable and if known at the time of application.
(2) All license holders shall provide the following information when they renew their licenses on or after January 1, 2025, in addition to any other information required by the relevant disciplining authority:
(a) The information in subsection (1)(a) through (e) of this section, except, after license holders provide this information one time, they shall be required to provide only changes to this information with subsequent renewals;
(b) Whether the licensee is currently practicing;
(c) Primary practice location at the time of renewal; and
(d) Secondary practice location at the time of renewal, if applicable.
(3) The form used to collect information under this section must include the same race and ethnicity categories and subgroups required for the collection of student-level data in RCW 28A.300.042 (1) and (3).
(4) The department shall not sell the information collected pursuant to subsection (1) or (2) of this section to any third party.
(5) Applicants and licensees subject to demographic and practice information provision requirements under chapters 18.71, 18.71A, and 18.71B RCW are exempt from the requirements of this section.
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