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Temporary gate across highway.

Whenever any inhabitant of this state shall have his or her fences removed by floods or destroyed by fire, the county commissioners of the county in which he or she resides shall have power to grant a license or permit for him or her to put a convenient gate or gates across any highway for a limited period of time, to be named in their order, in order to secure him or her from depredations upon his or her crops until he or she can repair his or her fences, and they shall grant such license or permit for no longer period than they may think absolutely necessary.
[ 2011 c 336 s 430; Code 1881, Bagley's Supp., p 25 s 1; 1871 p 103 s 1; RRS s 5459. FORMER PART OF SECTION: Code 1881, Bagley's Supp., p 25 s 2; 1871 p 104 s 2; RRS s 5460, now codified as RCW 16.60.085.]
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