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(1) The provisions of this chapter do not apply to:
(a) Institutions authorized by the Washington department of fish and wildlife to hold, possess, and propagate deleterious exotic wildlife pursuant to RCW 77.12.047;
(b) Institutions accredited or certified by the American zoo and aquarium association or a facility with a current signed memorandum of participation with an association of zoos and aquariums species survival plan;
(c) Duly incorporated nonprofit animal protection organizations, such as humane societies and shelters, housing an animal at the written request of the animal control authority or acting under the authority of this chapter;
(d) Animal control authority, law enforcement officers, or county sheriffs acting under the authority of this chapter;
(e) Veterinary hospitals or clinics;
(f) A holder of a valid wildlife rehabilitation permit issued by the Washington department of fish and wildlife;
(g) Any wildlife sanctuary as defined under RCW 16.30.010(5);
(h) A research facility as defined by the animal welfare act, 7 U.S.C.A. 2131, as amended, for the species of animals for which they are registered. This includes but is not limited to universities, colleges, and laboratories holding a valid class R license under the animal welfare act;
(i) Circuses, defined as incorporated, class C licensees under the animal welfare act, 7 U.S.C.A. 2131, as amended, that are temporarily in this state, and that offer performances by live animals, clowns, and acrobats for public entertainment;
(j) A person temporarily transporting and displaying a potentially dangerous wild animal through the state if the transit time is not more than twenty-one days and the animal is at all times maintained within a confinement sufficient to prevent the animal from escaping;
(k) Domesticated animals subject to this title or native wildlife subject to Title 77 RCW;
(l) A person displaying animals at a fair approved by the Washington department of agriculture pursuant to chapter 15.76 or 36.37 RCW; and
(m) A game farm meeting the requirements of WAC 232-12-027(1).
(2) This chapter does not require a city or county that does not have an animal control authority to create that office.
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