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Exemption of certain fruits or vegetables from chapter.

(1) This chapter does not apply:
(a) To the movement in bulk of any fruits or vegetables from the premises where they are grown or produced to a packing shed, warehouse, or processing plant for the purpose of storing, grading, packing, labeling, or processing prior to entering commercial channels for wholesale or retail sale;
(b) To any processed, canned, frozen, or dehydrated fruits or vegetables;
(c) To any infected or infested fruits or vegetables to be manufactured into by-products or to be shipped to a by-products plant; or
(d) To the sale of up to five hundred pounds per day of any fruit or vegetable by any producer or handler directly to an individual ultimate consumer unless otherwise established by rule for an individual commodity. These fruits and vegetables shall meet the requirements of RCW 15.17.210(1)(b).
(2) The inspection requirements of this chapter do not apply to the sale or transportation within a zone of production, as defined by rule, of any fruit or vegetable named in RCW 15.17.050(1) or any combination of those fruits and vegetables to a fruit or produce stand or farmers market in a quantity specified by the director by rule.
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