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Noncomplying fruits or vegetablesEnforcement procedureNoticeHearing.

(1) For the purposes of this section, "lot" means any lot or any part of a lot.
(2) When the director determines that any lot of fruits or vegetables fails to comply with the requirements of this chapter, the director may issue a hold order prohibiting the sale or movement of that lot except under conditions that may be prescribed.
(3)(a) Written notice of the hold order must be provided to the person in possession of the lot of fruits or vegetables and a tag may be affixed to the lot or its containers. It is unlawful for any person except the director to alter, deface, or remove the tag or notice or to move or allow the lot of fruits or vegetables to be moved except under the conditions prescribed on the tag or notice.
(b) The notice shall include:
(i) A description of the lot that is in noncompliance;
(ii) The location of the lot;
(iii) The reason that the hold order is placed on the lot;
(iv) Any reconditioning, other corrective measures, or diversion to processing that may be required to release the lot for sale;
(v) Time frames to affect the reconditioning or other corrective measures; and
(vi) A reference to the violation of this chapter that provides the basis for the hold order.
(c) Any corrective measures required by the notice pursuant to (b)(iv) of this subsection and the costs associated therewith are the sole responsibility of the person holding the fruits or vegetables for sale.
(4) Upon issuance of a hold order by the director under this section, the seller or holder of the fruits or vegetables may request a hearing. The request for hearing must be in writing and filed with the director. Any hearing shall be held in conformance with RCW 34.05.422 and 34.05.479.


Intent1987 c 202: See note following RCW 2.04.190.
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