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Joint operations.

(1) All powers, rights, and authority granted to any municipality in this chapter may be exercised and enjoyed by two or more municipalities, or by this state and one or more municipalities therein, acting jointly, either within or outside the territorial limits of either or any of the municipalities and within or outside this state, or by this state or any municipality therein acting jointly with any other state or municipality therein, either within or outside this state if the laws of the other state permit such joint action.
(2) For the purposes of this section only, unless another intention clearly appears or the context requires otherwise, this state is included in the term "municipality," and all the powers conferred upon municipalities in this chapter, if not otherwise conferred by law, are conferred upon this state when acting jointly with any municipality or municipalities. Where reference is made to the "governing body" of a municipality, that term means, as to the state, its secretary of transportation.
(3) Any two or more municipalities may enter into agreements with each other, duly authorized by ordinances or resolution, as may be appropriate, for joint action under this section. Concurrent action by the governing bodies of the municipalities involved constitutes joint action.
(4) Each such agreement shall specify its terms; the proportionate interest which each municipality shall have in the property, facilities, and privileges involved, and the proportion of preliminary costs, cost of acquisition, establishment, construction, enlargement, improvement, and equipment, and of expenses of maintenance, operation, and regulation to be borne by each, and make such other provisions as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this section. It shall provide for amendments thereof and for conditions and methods of termination; for the disposition of all or any part of the property, facilities, and privileges jointly owned if the property, facilities, and privileges, or any part thereof, cease to be used for the purposes provided in this section or if the agreement is terminated, and for the distribution of the proceeds received upon any such disposition, and of any funds or other property jointly owned and undisposed of, and the assumption or payment of any indebtedness arising from the joint venture which remains unpaid, upon any such disposition or upon a termination of the agreement.
(5) Municipalities acting jointly as authorized in this section shall create a board from the inhabitants of the municipalities for the purpose of acquiring property for, establishing, constructing, enlarging, improving, maintaining, equipping, operating, and regulating the airports and other air navigation facilities and airport protection privileges to be jointly acquired, controlled, and operated. The board shall consist of members to be appointed by the governing body of each municipality involved, the number to be appointed by each to be provided for by the agreement for the joint venture. Each member shall serve for such time and upon such terms as to compensation, if any, as may be provided for in the agreement.
(6) Each such board shall organize, select officers for terms to be fixed by the agreement, and adopt and from time to time amend rules of procedure.
(7) Such board may exercise, on behalf of the municipalities acting jointly by which it is appointed, all the powers of each of the municipalities granted by this chapter, except as provided in this section. Real property, airports, restricted landing areas, air protection privileges, or personal property costing in excess of a sum to be fixed by the joint agreement, may be acquired, and condemnation proceedings may be instituted, only by approval of the governing bodies of each of the municipalities involved. Upon the approval of the governing body, or if no approval is necessary then upon the board's own determination, such property may be acquired by private negotiation under such terms and conditions as seem just and proper to the board. The total amount of expenditures to be made by the board for any purpose in any calendar year shall be determined by the municipalities involved by the approval by each on or before the preceding December 1st, of a budget for the ensuing calendar year, which budget may be amended or supplemented by joint resolution of the municipalities involved during the calendar year for which the original budget was approved. Rules and regulations provided for by *RCW 14.08.120(2) become effective only upon approval of each of the appointing governing bodies. No real property and no airport, other navigation facility, or air protection privilege, owned jointly, may be disposed of by the board by sale except by authority of all the appointing governing bodies, but the board may lease space, land area, or improvements and grant concessions on airports for aeronautical purposes, or other purposes which will not interfere with the aeronautical purposes of such airport, air navigation facility, or air protection privilege by private negotiation under such terms and conditions as seem just and proper to the board, subject to the provisions of *RCW 14.08.120(4). Subject to the provisions of the agreement for the joint venture, and when it appears to the board to be in the best interests of the municipalities involved, the board may sell any personal property by private negotiations under such terms and conditions as seem just and proper to the board.
(8) Each municipality, acting jointly with another pursuant to the provisions of this section, is authorized and empowered to enact, concurrently with the other municipalities involved, such ordinances as are provided for by *RCW 14.08.120(2), and to fix by such ordinances penalties for the violation thereof. When so adopted, the ordinances have the same force and effect within the municipalities and on any property jointly controlled by them or adjacent thereto, whether within or outside the territorial limits of either or any of them, as ordinances of each municipality involved, and may be enforced in any one of the municipalities in the same manner as are its individual ordinances. The consent of the state secretary of transportation to any such ordinance, where the state is a party to the joint venture, is equivalent to the enactment of the ordinance by a municipality. The publication provided for in *RCW 14.08.120(2) shall be made in each municipality involved in the manner provided by law or charter for publication of its individual ordinances.
(9) Condemnation proceedings shall be instituted, in the names of the municipalities jointly, and the property acquired shall be held by the municipalities as tenants in common. The provisions of RCW 14.08.030(2) apply to such proceedings.
(10) For the purpose of providing funds for necessary expenditures in carrying out the provisions of this section, a joint fund shall be created and maintained, into which each of the municipalities involved shall deposit its proportionate share as provided by the joint agreement. Such funds shall be provided for by bond issues, tax levies, and appropriations made by each municipality in the same manner as though it were acting separately under the authority of this chapter. The revenues obtained from the ownership, control, and operation of the airports and other air navigation facilities jointly controlled shall be paid into the fund, to be expended as provided in this chapter. Revenues in excess of cost of maintenance and operating expenses of the joint properties shall be divided or allowed to accumulate for future anticipated expenditures as may be provided in the original agreement, or amendments thereto, for the joint venture. The action of municipalities involved in heretofore permitting such revenues to so accumulate is declared to be legal and valid.
(11) The governing body may by joint directive designate some person having experience in financial or fiscal matters as treasurer of the joint operating agency. Such a treasurer shall possess all the powers, responsibilities, and duties that the county treasurer and auditor possess for a joint operating agency related to creating and maintaining funds, issuing warrants, and investing surplus funds. The governing body may, and if the treasurer is not the county treasurer it shall, require a bond, with a surety company authorized to do business in the state of Washington, in an amount and under the terms and conditions which the governing body finds will protect the joint operating agency. The premium on such bond shall be paid by the joint operating agency. All disbursements from the joint fund shall be made by order of the board in accordance with such rules and regulations and for such purposes as the appointing governing bodies, acting jointly, shall prescribe. If no such joint directive is made by the governing appointing bodies to designate a treasurer, then the provisions of RCW 43.09.285 apply to such joint fund.
(12) Specific performance of the provisions of any joint agreement entered into as provided for in this section may be enforced as against any party thereto by the other party or parties thereto.
[ 1987 c 254 § 4; 1984 c 7 § 7; 1967 c 182 § 1; 1949 c 120 § 1; 1945 c 182 § 11; Rem. Supp. 1949 § 2722-40. Formerly RCW 14.08.200 through 14.08.280.]


*Reviser's note: RCW 14.08.120 was amended by 2020 c 96 § 1, changing subsections (2) and (4) to subsection (1)(b) and (d), respectively.
Joint operations by municipal corporations or political subdivisions, deposit and control of funds: RCW 43.09.285.
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