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Probation bond or collateralModification or revocation of probation bond.

(1) As provided in this chapter, the court may order a juvenile to post a probation bond as defined in RCW 13.40.020 or to deposit cash or post other collateral in lieu of a probation bond, to enhance public safety, increase the likelihood that a respondent will appear as required to respond to charges, and increase compliance with community supervision imposed under various alternative disposition options. The parents or guardians of the juvenile may sign for a probation bond on behalf of the juvenile or deposit cash or other collateral in lieu of a bond if approved by the court.
(2) A parent or guardian who has signed for a probation bond, deposited cash, or posted other collateral on behalf of a juvenile has the right to notify the court if the juvenile violates any of the terms and conditions of the bond. The parent or guardian who signed for a probation bond may move the court to modify the terms of the bond or revoke the bond without penalty to the surety or parent. The court shall notify the surety if a parent or guardian notifies the court that the juvenile has violated conditions of the probation bond and has requested modification or revocation of the bond. At a hearing on the motion, the court may consider the nature and seriousness of the violation or violations and may either keep the bond in effect, modify the terms of the bond with the consent of the parent or guardian and surety, or revoke the bond. If the court revokes the bond the court may require full payment of the face amount of the bond. In the alternative, the court may revoke the bond and impose a partial payment for less than the full amount of the bond or may revoke the bond without imposing any penalty. In reaching its decision, the court may consider the timeliness of the parent's or guardian's notification to the court and the efforts of the parent and surety to monitor the offender's compliance with conditions of the bond and release. A surety shall have the same obligations and rights as provided sureties in adult criminal cases. Rules of forfeiture and revocation of bonds issued in adult criminal cases shall apply to forfeiture and revocation of probation bonds issued under this chapter except as specifically provided in this subsection.
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