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Shelter careOrder and authorization of health care and education records.

If a child is placed in the custody of the department of children, youth, and families or other *supervising agency, immediately following the shelter care hearing, an order and authorization regarding health care and education records for the child shall be entered. The order shall:
(1) Provide the department or other *supervising agency with the right to inspect and copy all health, medical, mental health, and education records of the child;
(2) Authorize and direct any agency, hospital, doctor, nurse, dentist, orthodontist, or other health care provider, therapist, drug or alcohol treatment provider, psychologist, psychiatrist, or mental health clinic, or health or medical records custodian or document management company, or school or school organization to permit the department or other *supervising agency to inspect and to obtain copies of any records relating to the child involved in the case, without the further consent of the parent or guardian of the child;
(3) Identify the person who will serve as the educational liaison; and
(4) Grant the department or other *supervising agency or its designee the authority and responsibility, where applicable, to:
(a) Notify the child's school that the child is in out-of-home placement;
(b) Enroll the child in school;
(c) Request the school transfer records;
(d) Request and authorize evaluation of special needs;
(e) Attend parent or teacher conferences;
(f) Excuse absences;
(g) Grant permission for extracurricular activities;
(h) Authorize medications which need to be administered during school hours and sign for medical needs that arise during school hours; and
(i) Complete or update school emergency records.
Access to records under this section is subject to the child's consent where required by other state and federal laws.


*Reviser's note: The definition for "supervising agency" for chapter 13.34 RCW was deleted by 2018 c 284 § 3.
Effective date2018 c 58: See note following RCW 28A.655.080.
Findings2013 c 182: See note following RCW 13.34.030.
Effective date2007 c 409: See note following RCW 13.34.096.
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