Chapter 11.84 RCW



HTMLPDF 11.84.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 11.84.020Slayer or abuser not to benefit from death.
HTMLPDF 11.84.025Disposition of retirement system proceeds payable to slayer or abuser.
HTMLPDF 11.84.030Slayer or abuser deemed to predecease decedent.
HTMLPDF 11.84.040Distribution of decedent's property.
HTMLPDF 11.84.050Distribution of property held jointly with slayer or abuser.
HTMLPDF 11.84.060Reversion and vested remainder.
HTMLPDF 11.84.070Property subject to divestment, etc.
HTMLPDF 11.84.080Contingent remainders and future interests.
HTMLPDF 11.84.090Property appointedPowers of revocation or appointment.
HTMLPDF 11.84.100Insurance proceeds.
HTMLPDF 11.84.110Payment by insurance company, bank, etc.No additional liability.
HTMLPDF 11.84.120Rights of persons without notice dealing with slayer or abuser.
HTMLPDF 11.84.130Record of conviction as evidence against claimant of property.
HTMLPDF 11.84.140Slayer determinationConvictionPreponderance of evidence.
HTMLPDF 11.84.150Abuser determinationConvictionClear, cogent, and convincing evidence.
HTMLPDF 11.84.160Abuser determinationEvidence factors.
HTMLPDF 11.84.170AbuserWhen entitled to property interest.
HTMLPDF 11.84.180ApplicationRelation to other laws.
HTMLPDF 11.84.900Chapter to be construed broadly.