Chapter 11.68 RCW



HTMLPDF 11.68.011Settlement without court interventionPetitionConditionsExceptions.
HTMLPDF 11.68.021Hearing on petition for nonintervention powers.
HTMLPDF 11.68.041Petition for nonintervention powersNotice requirementsExceptions.
HTMLPDF 11.68.050Objections to granting of nonintervention powersRestrictions.
HTMLPDF 11.68.060Death, resignation, or disablement of personal representativeSuccessor to administer nonintervention powersPetition.
HTMLPDF 11.68.065Report of affairs of estatePetition by beneficiaryFilingNoticeHearingOther accounting and information.
HTMLPDF 11.68.070Procedure when personal representative recreant to trust or subject to removal.
HTMLPDF 11.68.080Vacation or restriction of nonintervention powers following insolvencyNoticeDeterminations affecting prior grants of nonintervention powers upon petitionEndorsement on prior orders.
HTMLPDF 11.68.085Nonintervention powersGenerally.
HTMLPDF 11.68.090Nonintervention powersPowers, duties, restrictions, and liabilitiesEffect of will provisions.
HTMLPDF 11.68.095Co-personal representativesPowers.
HTMLPDF 11.68.100Closing of estateAlternative decreesNoticeHearingFees.
HTMLPDF 11.68.110Declaration of completion of probateContentsNoticeDischarge of personal representativeWaiver of notice.
HTMLPDF 11.68.112Final distribution upon declaration and notice of filing of declaration of completion of probateSpecial powers of personal representativeDischarge from liability.
HTMLPDF 11.68.114Declaration of completion of probateSpecial powers of personal representative to hold reserve and deal with taxing authoritiesNotice of filing of declarationDischarge from liability.
HTMLPDF 11.68.120Nonintervention powers not deemed waived by obtaining order or decree.
HTMLPDF 11.68.130Power to construe and interpret will.
HTMLPDF 11.68.140Party to transactionsPresumption of necessity.
HTMLPDF 11.68.900ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.