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Confirmation of saleApprovalResale.

The personal representative making any sale of real estate, either at public or private sale, or sale by negotiation shall within ten days after making such sale file with the clerk of the court his or her return of such sale, the same being duly verified. In the case of a sale by negotiation the personal representative shall publish a notice in one issue of a legal newspaper of the county in which the estate is being administered; such notice shall include the legal description of the property sold, the selling price and the date after which the sale can be confirmed: PROVIDED, That such confirmation date shall be at least ten days after such notice is published. At any time after the expiration of ten days from the publication of such notice, in the case of sale by negotiation, and at any time after the expiration of ten days from the filing of such return, in the case of public or private sale the court may approve and confirm such sale and direct proper instruments of transfer to be executed and delivered. But if the court shall be of the opinion that the proceedings were unfair, or that the sum obtained was disproportionate to the value of the property sold, or if made at private sale or sale by negotiation that it did not sell for at least ninety percent of the appraised value as in RCW 11.56.090 provided, and that a sum exceeding said bid by at least ten percent exclusive of the expense of a new sale, may be obtained, the court may refuse to approve or confirm such sale and may order a resale. On a resale, notice shall be given and the sale shall be conducted in all respects as though no previous sale had been made.
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