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Continuation of decedent's business.

Upon a showing of advantage to the estate the court may authorize a personal representative to continue any business of the decedent, other than the business of a partnership of which the decedent was a member: PROVIDED, That if decedent left a nonintervention will or a will specifically authorizing a personal representative to continue any business of decedent, and his or her estate is solvent, or a will providing that the personal representative liquidate any business of decedent, this section shall not apply.
The order shall specify:
(1) The extent of the authority of the personal representative to incur liabilities;
(2) The period of time during which he or she may operate the business;
(3) Any additional provisions or restrictions which the court may, at its discretion, include.
Any interested person may for good cause require the personal representative to show cause why the authority granted him or her should not be limited or terminated. The order to show cause shall set forth the manner of service thereof and the time and place of hearing thereon.


Request for special notice of proceedings in probateProhibitions: RCW 11.28.240.
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