Chapter 11.114 RCW



HTMLPDF 11.114.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 11.114.020Scope and jurisdiction.
HTMLPDF 11.114.030Nomination of custodianDesignation of custodian by representative or specified person.
HTMLPDF 11.114.040Transfer by gift or exercise of power of appointment.
HTMLPDF 11.114.050Transfer authorized by will or trust.
HTMLPDF 11.114.060Other transfer by fiduciary.
HTMLPDF 11.114.070Transfer by obligor.
HTMLPDF 11.114.080Receipt for custodial property.
HTMLPDF 11.114.090Form and manner of creating custodial property and effecting transfer.
HTMLPDF 11.114.100Single custodianship.
HTMLPDF 11.114.110Validity and effect of transfer.
HTMLPDF 11.114.120Care of custodial property.
HTMLPDF 11.114.130Powers of custodian.
HTMLPDF 11.114.140Use of custodial property.
HTMLPDF 11.114.150Custodian's expenses, compensation, and bond.
HTMLPDF 11.114.160Exemption of third person from liability.
HTMLPDF 11.114.170Liability to third persons.
HTMLPDF 11.114.180Renunciation, resignation, death, or removal of custodianDesignation of successor custodian.
HTMLPDF 11.114.190Accounting by and determination of liability of custodian.
HTMLPDF 11.114.200Termination of custodianshipExtension.
HTMLPDF 11.114.210Applicability.
HTMLPDF 11.114.220Effect on existing custodianships.
HTMLPDF 11.114.230Uniformity of application and construction.
HTMLPDF 11.114.900Short title.
HTMLPDF 11.114.902Savings1991 c 193.
HTMLPDF 11.114.903Effective date1991 c 193.