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Disposition of nonprobate assets under will.

(1) Subject to community property rights, upon the death of an owner the owner's interest in any nonprobate asset specifically referred to in the owner's will belongs to the testamentary beneficiary named to receive the nonprobate asset, notwithstanding the rights of any beneficiary designated before the date of the will.
(2) A general residuary gift in an owner's will, or a will making general disposition of all of the owner's property, does not entitle the devisees or legatees to receive nonprobate assets of the owner.
(3) A disposition in a will of the owner's interest in "all nonprobate assets" or of all of a category of nonprobate asset under RCW 11.11.010(7), such as "all of my payable on death bank accounts" or similar language, is deemed to be a disposition of all the nonprobate assets the beneficiaries of which are designated before the date of the will.
(4) If the owner designates a beneficiary for a nonprobate asset after the date of the will, the specific provisions in the will that attempt to control the disposition of that asset do not govern the disposition of that nonprobate asset, even if the subsequent beneficiary designation is later revoked. If the owner revokes the later beneficiary designation, and there is no other provision controlling the disposition of the asset, the asset shall be treated as any other general asset of the owner's estate, subject to disposition under the other applicable provisions of the will. A beneficiary designation with respect to an asset that renews without the signature of the owner is deemed to have been made on the date on which the account was first opened.
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