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Intermediate and final accountsContentsFiling.

In addition to the statement required by RCW 11.106.020 any such trustee or trustees whenever it or they so desire, may file in the superior court of the county in which the trustees or one of the trustees resides an intermediate account under oath showing:
(1) The period covered by the account;
(2) The total principal with which the trustee is chargeable according to the last preceding account or the inventory if there is no preceding account;
(3) An itemized statement of all principal funds received and disbursed during such period;
(4) An itemized statement of all income received and disbursed during such period, unless waived;
(5) The balance of such principal and income remaining at the close of such period and how invested;
(6) The names and addresses of all living beneficiaries, including contingent beneficiaries, of the trust, and a statement as to any such beneficiary known to be under legal disability;
(7) A description of any possible unborn or unascertained beneficiary and his or her interest in the trust fund.
After the time for termination of the trust has arrived, the trustee or trustees may also file a final account in similar manner.


Short titleApplicationPurposeSeverability1985 c 30: See RCW 11.02.900 through 11.02.903.
SeverabilityEffective dates1984 c 149: See notes following RCW 11.02.005.
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