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Administration by state patrol.

The Washington state patrol is hereby designated the agency of state government responsible for the administration of the 1977 Washington State Criminal Records Privacy Act. The Washington state patrol may adopt any rules and regulations necessary for the performance of the administrative functions provided for in this chapter.
The Washington state patrol shall have the following specific administrative duties:
(1) To establish by rule and regulation standards for the security of criminal history information systems in order that such systems and the data contained therein be adequately protected from fire, theft, loss, destruction, other physical hazard, or unauthorized access;
(2) To establish by rule and regulation standards for personnel employed by criminal justice of other state and local government agencies in positions with responsibility for maintenance and dissemination of criminal history record information; and
(3) To contract with the Washington state auditor or other public or private agency, organization, or individual to perform audits of criminal history record information systems.
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