Chapter 10.79 RCW



HTMLPDF 10.79.015Other grounds for issuance of search warrant.
HTMLPDF 10.79.020To whom directedContents.
HTMLPDF 10.79.035Issuance of search warrants by magistrates.
HTMLPDF 10.79.040Search without warrant unlawfulPenalty.
HTMLPDF 10.79.050Restoration of stolen property to ownerDuties of officers.
HTMLPDF 10.79.060Strip, body cavity searchesLegislative intent.
HTMLPDF 10.79.070Strip, body cavity searchesDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 10.79.080Strip, body cavity searchesWarrant, authorization, report.
HTMLPDF 10.79.090Strip, body cavity searchesMedical care not precluded.
HTMLPDF 10.79.100Strip, body cavity searchesStandards for conducting.
HTMLPDF 10.79.110Strip, body cavity searchesActions for damages, injunctive relief.
HTMLPDF 10.79.120Strip, body cavity searchesApplication of RCW 10.79.130 through 10.79.160.
HTMLPDF 10.79.130Strip, body cavity searchesWarrant requiredExceptions.
HTMLPDF 10.79.140Strip, body cavity searchesUncategorized searchesDetermination of reasonable suspicion, probable causeLess-intrusive alternatives.
HTMLPDF 10.79.150Strip, body cavity searchesWritten record required, contentsUnnecessary persons prohibited.
HTMLPDF 10.79.160Strip, body cavity searchesPhysical examinations for public health purposes excluded.
HTMLPDF 10.79.170Strip, body cavity searchesNonliability when search delayed.


Rules of court: Search and seizureCrR 2.3; CrRLJ 2.3.
Alcoholic beverage control, search and seizure: Chapter 66.32 RCW.
Controlled substances, search and seizure: RCW 69.50.509.