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Referral assessmentsProbation department oversight committee.

(1) Every judge of a court of limited jurisdiction shall have the authority to levy upon a person a monthly assessment not to exceed one hundred dollars for services provided whenever the person is referred by the court to the misdemeanant probation department for evaluation or supervision services. The assessment may also be made by a judge in superior court when such misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor cases are heard in the superior court. Nothing in this subsection prevents contracting jurisdictions under RCW 39.34.180(6) from agreeing to the division of moneys received for probation supervision services.
(2) For the purposes of this section the administrative office of the courts shall define a probation department and adopt rules for the qualifications of probation officers based on occupational and educational requirements developed by an oversight committee. This oversight committee shall include a representative from the district and municipal court judges' association, the misdemeanant corrections association, the administrative office of the courts, and associations of cities and counties. The oversight committee shall consider qualifications that provide the training and education necessary to (a) conduct presentencing and postsentencing background investigations, including sentencing recommendations to the court regarding jail terms, alternatives to incarceration, and conditions of release; and (b) provide ongoing supervision and assessment of offenders' needs and the risk they pose to the community.
(3) It shall be the responsibility of the probation services office to implement local procedures approved by the court of limited jurisdiction to ensure collection and payment of such fees into the general fund of the city or county treasury.
(4) Revenues raised under this section shall be used to fund programs for probation services and shall be in addition to those funds provided in RCW 3.62.050.
(5) Assessments and fees levied upon a probationer under this section must be suspended while the probationer is being supervised by another state under RCW 9.94A.745, the interstate compact for adult offender supervision.


ApplicationEffective date2005 c 400: See notes following RCW 9.94A.74504.
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