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Incriminating testimony not to be used.

In every case where it is provided in *this act that a witness shall not be excused from giving testimony tending to criminate himself or herself, no person shall be excused from testifying or producing any papers or documents on the ground that his or her testimony may tend to criminate or subject him or her to a penalty or forfeiture; but he or she shall not be prosecuted or subjected to a penalty or forfeiture for or on account of any action, matter or thing concerning which he or she shall so testify, except for perjury or offering false evidence committed in such testimony.


Rules of court: Ordering immunity from prosecutionIncriminating testimony not to be usedCrR 6.14.
*Reviser's note: For meaning of "this act," see note following RCW 9.01.120.
Bribery or corrupt solicitation: State Constitution Art. 2 § 30.
Rights of accused persons: State Constitution Art. 1 §§ 9, 22 (Amendment 10).
Witness not excused from giving testimony tending to incriminate himself in crimes concerning bribery: RCW 9.18.080.
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