Chapter 10.27 RCW



HTMLPDF 10.27.010Short titlePurpose.
HTMLPDF 10.27.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 10.27.030Summoning grand jury.
HTMLPDF 10.27.040Selection of grand jury members.
HTMLPDF 10.27.050Special inquiry judgeSelection.
HTMLPDF 10.27.060Discharge of panel, jurorGrounds.
HTMLPDF 10.27.070OathOfficersWitnesses.
HTMLPDF 10.27.080Persons authorized to attendRestrictions on attorneys.
HTMLPDF 10.27.090Secrecy enjoinedExceptionsUse and availability of evidence.
HTMLPDF 10.27.100Inquiry as to offensesDutiesInvestigation.
HTMLPDF 10.27.110Duration of sessionsExtensions.
HTMLPDF 10.27.120Self-incriminationRight to counsel.
HTMLPDF 10.27.130Self-incriminationRefusal to testify or give evidenceProcedure.
HTMLPDF 10.27.140WitnessesAttendance.
HTMLPDF 10.27.150IndictmentsIssuance.
HTMLPDF 10.27.160Grand jury report.
HTMLPDF 10.27.170Special inquiry judgePetition for orderInvestigation of sexual exploitation of children.
HTMLPDF 10.27.180Special inquiry judgeDisqualification from subsequent proceedings.
HTMLPDF 10.27.190Special inquiry judgeDirection to public attorney for proceedings in another countyProcedure.


InterpretersLegal proceedings: Chapter 2.42 RCW.
Juries: Chapter 2.36 RCW.