Chapter 72.09 RCW



HTMLPDF 72.09.010Legislative intent.
HTMLPDF 72.09.015Definitions.
HTMLPDF 72.09.030Department createdSecretary.
HTMLPDF 72.09.040Transfer of functions from department of social and health services.
HTMLPDF 72.09.050Powers and duties of secretary.
HTMLPDF 72.09.055Affordable housingInventory of suitable property.
HTMLPDF 72.09.057Fees for reproduction, shipment, and certification of documents and records.
HTMLPDF 72.09.060Organization of departmentProgram for public involvement and volunteers.
HTMLPDF 72.09.070Correctional industries advisory committeeRecommendations.
HTMLPDF 72.09.080Correctional industries advisory committeeAppointment of members, chairCompensationSupport.
HTMLPDF 72.09.090Correctional industries accountExpenditureProfitsAppropriations.
HTMLPDF 72.09.095Transfer of funds to department of labor and industries for crime victims' compensation.
HTMLPDF 72.09.100Inmate work programClasses of work programsParticipationBenefits.
HTMLPDF 72.09.101Inmate work programAdministrators' duty.
HTMLPDF 72.09.104Prison work programs to operate automated data input and retrieval systems.
HTMLPDF 72.09.106Subcontracting of data input and microfilm capacities.
HTMLPDF 72.09.110Inmates' wagesSupporting cost of correctionsCrime victims' compensation and family support.
HTMLPDF 72.09.111Inmate wagesDeductionsAvailability of savingsRecovery of cost of incarcerationDefinition.
HTMLPDF 72.09.115Proposed new class I correctional industries work programThreshold analysisBusiness impact analysisPublic hearingFinding.
HTMLPDF 72.09.116Information obtained under RCW 72.09.115 exempt from public disclosure.
HTMLPDF 72.09.120Distribution of list of inmate job opportunities.
HTMLPDF 72.09.130Incentive system for participation in education and work programsRulesDissemination.
HTMLPDF 72.09.135Adoption of standards for correctional facilities.
HTMLPDF 72.09.190Legal services for inmates.
HTMLPDF 72.09.200Transfer of files, property, and appropriations.
HTMLPDF 72.09.210Transfer of employees.
HTMLPDF 72.09.220Employee rights under collective bargaining.
HTMLPDF 72.09.225Sexual misconduct by state employees, contractors.
HTMLPDF 72.09.230Duties continued during transition.
HTMLPDF 72.09.240Reimbursement of employees for offender assaults.
HTMLPDF 72.09.251Communicable disease prevention guidelines.
HTMLPDF 72.09.260Litter cleanup programsRequirements.
HTMLPDF 72.09.270Individual reentry plan.
HTMLPDF 72.09.275Duty to notify of process for restoration of voting rights.
HTMLPDF 72.09.280Community justice centers.
HTMLPDF 72.09.285Rental voucher listHousing providers.
HTMLPDF 72.09.290Correctional facility siting list.
HTMLPDF 72.09.300Local law and justice councilRules.
HTMLPDF 72.09.310Community custody violator.
HTMLPDF 72.09.311Confinement of community custody violators.
HTMLPDF 72.09.312Community custody violationsData and informationReport to the governor and legislature.
HTMLPDF 72.09.315Court-ordered treatmentViolationsRequired notifications.
HTMLPDF 72.09.320Community placementLiability.
HTMLPDF 72.09.330Sex offenders and kidnapping offendersRegistrationNotice to persons convicted of sex offenses and kidnapping offenses.
HTMLPDF 72.09.333Sex offendersFacilities on McNeil Island.
HTMLPDF 72.09.335Sex offendersTreatment assessment and opportunity.
HTMLPDF 72.09.337Sex offendersRules regarding.
HTMLPDF 72.09.340Supervision of sex offendersPublic safetyPolicy for release plan evaluation and approvalImplementation, publicizing, noticeRejection of residence locations of felony sex offenders of minor victimsNoticeSupervised visitation considerations.
HTMLPDF 72.09.345Sex offendersRelease of information to protect publicEnd-of-sentence review committeeAssessmentRecords accessReview, classification, referral of offendersIssuance of narrative notices.
HTMLPDF 72.09.350Corrections mental health centerCollaborative arrangement with University of WashingtonServices for offenders with mental illnessAnnual report to the legislature.
HTMLPDF 72.09.370Reentry community services programPlan for postrelease treatment and support servicesRules.
HTMLPDF 72.09.380Rule makingMedicaidSecretary of correctionsDirector of health care authority.
HTMLPDF 72.09.381Rule makingChapter 214, Laws of 1999Secretary of correctionsDirector of health care authority.
HTMLPDF 72.09.400Work ethic camp programFindingsIntent.
HTMLPDF 72.09.410Work ethic camp programGenerally.
HTMLPDF 72.09.450Limitation on denial of access to services and suppliesRecoupment of assessmentsCollections.
HTMLPDF 72.09.460Incarcerated individual participation in education and work programsPostsecondary degree education opportunitiesLegislative intentPrioritiesRulesPayment of costs.
HTMLPDF 72.09.465Postsecondary degree education programs.
HTMLPDF 72.09.467Postsecondary degree education programsReports to the legislature.
HTMLPDF 72.09.469Postsecondary degree education programsStudy.
HTMLPDF 72.09.470Contributions for cost of privilegesStandards.
HTMLPDF 72.09.480Inmate funds subject to deductionsDefinitionsExceptionsChild support collection actions.
HTMLPDF 72.09.490Policy on extended family visitation.
HTMLPDF 72.09.495Incarcerated parentsPolicies to encourage family contact and engagement.
HTMLPDF 72.09.500Prohibition on weight-lifting.
HTMLPDF 72.09.510Limitation on purchasing recreational equipment and dietary supplements that increase muscle mass.
HTMLPDF 72.09.520Limitation on purchase of televisions.
HTMLPDF 72.09.530Prohibition on receipt or possession of contrabandRules.
HTMLPDF 72.09.535Corrections identification cardIncarcerated persons.
HTMLPDF 72.09.540Inmate name changeLimitations on usePenalty.
HTMLPDF 72.09.560Camp for alien offenders.
HTMLPDF 72.09.580Offender records and reports.
HTMLPDF 72.09.585Mental health services informationRequired inquiries and disclosuresRelease to court, individuals, indeterminate sentence review board, state and local agencies.
HTMLPDF 72.09.588Pregnant inmatesMidwifery or doula servicesReasonable accommodations.
HTMLPDF 72.09.590Community safety.
HTMLPDF 72.09.600RulesChapter 196, Laws of 1999.
HTMLPDF 72.09.620Extraordinary medical placementReports.
HTMLPDF 72.09.630Custodial sexual misconductInvestigation of allegations.
HTMLPDF 72.09.650Use of force by limited authority Washington peace officersDetention of persons.
HTMLPDF 72.09.651Use of restraints on pregnant women or youth in custodyAllowed in extraordinary circumstances.
HTMLPDF 72.09.652Use of restraints on pregnant women or youth in custodyProvision of information to staff and pregnant women and youth in custody.
HTMLPDF 72.09.670Gang involvement among incarcerated offendersIntervention programsStudy.
HTMLPDF 72.09.680Statewide security advisory committee.
HTMLPDF 72.09.682Multidisciplinary teamsInmate job assignments.
HTMLPDF 72.09.684Training curriculumSafety issuesTotal confinement correctional facilities.
HTMLPDF 72.09.686Body alarms and proximity cardsStudy and report.
HTMLPDF 72.09.688Video monitoring camerasStudy and report.
HTMLPDF 72.09.690Pepper sprayPlan for use.
HTMLPDF 72.09.710Drug offendersNotice of release or escape.
HTMLPDF 72.09.712Prisoner escape, parole, release, community custody or work release placement, or furloughNotification procedures.
HTMLPDF 72.09.713Prisoner escape, parole, release, community custody or work release placement, or furloughNotice of work release placement.
HTMLPDF 72.09.714Prisoner escape, release, or furloughHomicide, violent, and sex offensesRights of victims and witnesses.
HTMLPDF 72.09.716Prisoner escape, release, or furloughRequests for notification.
HTMLPDF 72.09.718Prisoner escape, release, or furloughNotification as additional requirement.
HTMLPDF 72.09.720Prisoner escape, release, or furloughConsequences of failure to notify.
HTMLPDF 72.09.730SchoolsNotice to designated recipient of offender release.
HTMLPDF 72.09.740Reimbursement for state patrol expenses towards water line construction for Shelton academy.
HTMLPDF 72.09.745Security threat groupsInformation collection.
HTMLPDF 72.09.750Access to reentry programs and services for wrongly convicted persons.
HTMLPDF 72.09.755Department of correctionsUse of screening and assessment process.
HTMLPDF 72.09.760Facility commissary programAccess.
HTMLPDF 72.09.765Inmate access to telecommunication servicesContractingReporting.
HTMLPDF 72.09.770Unexpected fatality reviewRecordsDiscovery.
HTMLPDF 72.09.780Abortion medicationsPractice of pharmacy and wholesale distribution.
HTMLPDF 72.09.900Effective date1981 c 136.
HTMLPDF 72.09.901Short title.
HTMLPDF 72.09.902Construction1981 c 136.
HTMLPDF 72.09.903Savings1981 c 136.
HTMLPDF 72.09.904Construction1999 c 196.
HTMLPDF 72.09.905Short title1999 c 196.
HTMLPDF 72.09.906ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Data provided for statewide automated victim information and notification system, when required: RCW 36.28A.0402.
Disturbances at state penal facilities
development of contingency plansScopeLocal participation: RCW 72.02.150.
reimbursement to cities and counties for certain expenses incurred: RCW 72.72.050, 72.72.060.
utilization of outside law enforcement personnelScope: RCW 72.02.160.
Interagency agreement on prenatal substance exposure programs: RCW 71.24.610.