Chapter 70.127 RCW



HTMLPDF 70.127.005Legislative intent.
HTMLPDF 70.127.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 70.127.020Licenses required after July 1, 1990Penalties.
HTMLPDF 70.127.030Use of certain terms limited to licensees.
HTMLPDF 70.127.040Persons, activities, or entities not subject to regulation under chapter.
HTMLPDF 70.127.050Volunteer organizationsUse of phrase "volunteer hospice."
HTMLPDF 70.127.080LicensesApplication procedure and requirements.
HTMLPDF 70.127.085State licensure survey.
HTMLPDF 70.127.090License or renewalFeesSliding scale.
HTMLPDF 70.127.100LicensesIssuancePrerequisitesTransfer or assignmentSurveys.
HTMLPDF 70.127.120Rules for recordkeeping, services, staff and volunteer policies, complaints.
HTMLPDF 70.127.125Interpretive guidelines for services.
HTMLPDF 70.127.130Legend drugs and controlled substancesRules.
HTMLPDF 70.127.140Bill of rightsBilling statements.
HTMLPDF 70.127.150Durable power of attorneyProhibition for licensees, contractees, or employees.
HTMLPDF 70.127.170LicensesDenial, restriction, conditions, modification, suspension, revocationCivil penalties.
HTMLPDF 70.127.180Surveys and in-home visitsNotice of violationsEnforcement action.
HTMLPDF 70.127.190Disclosure of compliance information.
HTMLPDF 70.127.200Unlicensed agenciesDepartment may seek injunctive or other reliefInjunctive relief does not prohibit criminal or civil penaltiesFines.
HTMLPDF 70.127.213Unlicensed operation of an in-home services agencyCease and desist ordersAdjudicative proceedingsFines.
HTMLPDF 70.127.216Unlicensed operation of an in-home services agencyConsumer protection act.
HTMLPDF 70.127.280Hospice care centersApplicantsRules.
HTMLPDF 70.127.290Access to care policiesSubmission to department of healthPolicies on display.
HTMLPDF 70.127.295Home care safety net assessmentFinancial informationReporting.
HTMLPDF 70.127.300Multistate nurse licenseConditions of employment.