Chapter 28A.400 RCW



HTMLPDF 28A.400.005Condensed compliance reportsSecond-class districts.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.007Staffing enrichments to the program of basic education.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.009Secondary traumatic stressPolicy and procedure.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.010Employment of superintendentSuperintendent's qualifications, general powers, term, contract renewal.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.020Directors' and superintendents' signatures filed with auditor.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.030Superintendent's duties.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.100Principals and vice principalsEmployment ofQualificationsDuties.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.110Principal to assure appropriate student disciplineBuilding discipline standardsClasses to improve classroom management skills.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.200Salaries and compensation for employeesMinimum and maximum amountsLimitationsSupplemental contracts.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.2001Supplemental contractsSchool district reportingReport by the office of the superintendent of public instruction.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.205Salary inflationary increases for employees"Inflationary adjustment index" defined.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.206Cost-of-living increasesDuty of state.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.210Employee attendance incentive programRemuneration or benefit plan for unused sick leave.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.212Employee attendance incentive programEffect of early retirement.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.220Employee salary or compensationLimitations respecting.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.230Deposit of cumulative total of earnings of group of employeesAuthorizedConditions.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.240Deferred compensation plan for school district or educational service district employeesLimitations.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.250Tax deferred annuitiesRegulated company stock.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.260Pension benefits or annuity benefits for certain classifications of employeesProcedure.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.270Employee benefitDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.275Employee benefitsContracts or agreementsSubmission of information to the health care authority.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.280Employee benefitsEmployer contributionsOptional benefitsAnnual report.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.285Contracts for services performed by classified employees.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.300Hiring and discharging of employeesWritten leave policiesSeniority and leave benefits of employees transferring between school districts and other educational employers.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.301Information on past sexual misconductRequirement for applicantsLimitation on contracts and agreementsEmployee right to review personnel file.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.302Application question on administrative leave.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.303Record checks for employees and certain volunteers and contractorsCost.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.305Record check informationAccessRules.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.306Fingerprints accepted by the state patrolFingerprints forwarded to the federal bureau of investigationConditions.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.309K-12 criminal background check account.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.310Law against discrimination applicable to districts' employment practices.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.315Employment contracts.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.317Physical abuse or sexual misconduct by school employeesDuty to reportTraining.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.320Crimes against childrenMandatory termination of classified employeesAppealRecovery of salary or compensation by district.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.322Crimes against childrenCrimes specified.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.330Crimes against childrenContractor employeesTermination of contract.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.332Use of persons, money, or property for private gain.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.340Notice of discharge to contain notice of right to appeal if available.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.345School safety and security staffRequired training.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.350Medical, dental, vision, liability, life, accident, disability, and salary insurance authorizedExpiration of authority for basic and optional benefitsHealth savings accountsPremiumsNoncompliance.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.360Liability insurance for officials and employees authorized.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.370Mandatory insurance protection for employees.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.380Leave sharing program.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.391Insurance for retired and disabled employeesApplicationRules.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.395Insurance for retired employees and their dependentsMethod of payment of premium.
HTMLPDF 28A.400.410Payment to the public employees' and retirees' insurance account.


Educational employment relations act: Chapter 41.59 RCW.
Reporting of harassment, intimidation, or bullying: RCW 28A.600.480.