Chapter 43.43 RCW



43.43.005Comprehensive outreach and marketing strategic plan.
43.43.010Patrol created.
43.43.012Chief for a day program.
43.43.013Donations, gifts, conveyances, devises, and grants.
43.43.015Affirmative action.
43.43.020Appointment of personnel.
43.43.030Powers and dutiesPeace officers.
43.43.035Governor, lieutenant governor, and governor-electSecurity and protectionDuty to provide.
43.43.037LegislatureSecurity and protectionDuty to provide.
43.43.040Disability of patrol officers.
43.43.050Tenure of patrol officers.
43.43.060Suspension or demotion of probationary officers.
43.43.070Discharge of probationary officersDischarge, demotion, or suspension of nonprobationary officersComplaintHearing.
43.43.080Criminal complaintAuthority to suspend officerHearing.
43.43.090Procedure at hearing.
43.43.100Review of order.
43.43.110Reinstatement on acquittal.
43.43.111Patrol officer vehicle accidents.
43.43.112Private law enforcement off-duty employmentGuidelines.
43.43.115Real propertySale or disposal of surplusDistribution of proceeds.
43.43.120Patrol retirement systemDefinitions.
43.43.130Retirement fund createdMembership.
43.43.135Membership in more than one retirement system.
43.43.137Reestablishment of service credit by former members who are members of the public employees' retirement systemConditions.
43.43.138Establishing, restoring service credit.
43.43.139Membership while serving as state legislatorConditions.
43.43.142Retirement board abolishedTransfer of powers, duties, and functions.
43.43.165Board may receive contributions from any source.
43.43.220Retirement fundExpenses.
43.43.230Total service credit.
43.43.233Purchase of additional service creditCostsRules.
43.43.235Service credit for paid leave of absence.
43.43.240Legal adviser.
43.43.250Retirement of members.
43.43.260BenefitsMilitary service credit.
43.43.263Effect of certain accumulated vacation leave on retirement benefits.
43.43.264Benefit calculationLimitation.
43.43.270Retirement allowancesSurvivors of disabled membersMembers commissioned before January 1, 2003.
43.43.271Retirement allowancesMembers commissioned on or after January 1, 2003Court-approved property settlement.
43.43.274Minimum retirement allowanceAnnual adjustment.
43.43.278Retirement option.
43.43.280Repayment of contributions on death or termination of employmentElection to receive reduced retirement allowance at age fifty-five.
43.43.285Special death benefitCourse of employmentOccupational disease or infectionAnnual adjustment.
43.43.286Rights reserved to the legislatureNo future contractual rights.
43.43.290Status in case of disablement.
43.43.295Accumulated contributionsPayment upon death of member.
43.43.310Benefits exempt from taxation and legal processAssignabilityExceptionsDeductions for group insurance premiums or for state patrol memorial foundation contributions.
43.43.315Optional actuarially equivalent life annuity benefit.
43.43.320Penalty for falsification.
43.43.330Examinations for promotion.
43.43.340Eligible list, and promotions therefromAffirmative action.
43.43.350Determination of eligibility for examination for promotion.
43.43.360Probationary period.
43.43.370Staff or technical officers.
43.43.380Minimum salariesReport.
43.43.390Bicycle awareness programGenerally.
43.43.395Ignition interlock devicesStandardsCompliance.
43.43.3952Ignition interlock devicesOfficer required to report violationsLiability.
43.43.396Ignition interlock devicesFee schedule and fee collectionReportFee deposit.
43.43.400Aquatic invasive species inspection and training.
43.43.480Routine traffic enforcement information.
43.43.490Routine traffic enforcement informationData collectionTraining materials on racial profiling.
43.43.500Crime information centerEstablishedPurposeFunctions.
43.43.510Crime information centerFiles of general assistance to law enforcement agencies establishedRunaway childrenInformation publicly available.
43.43.530Crime information centerCost of terminal facilities.
43.43.540Sex offenders and kidnapping offendersCentral registryReimbursement to counties.
43.43.545Statewide sexual assault kit tracking system.
43.43.546Statewide sexual assault kit tracking systemParticipation by bureau of forensic laboratory services.
43.43.550Traffic safety education officersPowersPay and reimbursement.
43.43.560Automatic fingerprint information systemReport.
43.43.570Automatic fingerprint identification systemConditions for local establishment or operationRules.
43.43.580Firearms background check unitAutomated firearms background check systemFee.
43.43.585Washington background check advisory board.
43.43.590State firearms background check system account.
43.43.600Drug control assistance unitCreated.
43.43.610Drug control assistance unitDuties.
43.43.620Drug control assistance unitAdditional dutiesInformation system on violationsInter-unit communications network.
43.43.630Drug control assistance unitUse of existing facilities and systems.
43.43.640Drug control assistance unitCertain investigators exempt from state civil service act.
43.43.650Drug control assistance unitEmployment of necessary personnel.
43.43.655Drug control assistance unitSpecial narcotics enforcement unit.
43.43.670Bureau of forensic laboratory servicesPowersPriorities.
43.43.680Controlled substance, simulator solution analysisPrima facie evidence.
43.43.690Crime laboratory analysis feeCourt impositionCollection.
43.43.700Identification and criminal history section.
43.43.705Identification dataProcessing procedureDefinitions.
43.43.710Availability of information.
43.43.715IdentificationCooperation with other criminal justice agencies.
43.43.720Local identification and records systemsAssistance.
43.43.725Records as evidence.
43.43.730RecordsInspectionCopyingRequests for purge or modificationAppeals.
43.43.735Photographing and fingerprintingPowers and duties of law enforcement agenciesOther data.
43.43.740Photographing and fingerprintingTransmittal of data.
43.43.742Submission of fingerprints taken from persons for noncriminal purposesFees.
43.43.745Convicted persons, fingerprinting required, recordsFurloughs, information to section, notice to local agenciesArrests, disposition informationConvicts, information to section, notice to local agenciesRegistration of sex offenders.
43.43.750Use of force to obtain identification informationLiability.
43.43.751Biological samples for missing persons investigations.
43.43.752DNA identification systemPlanReport.
43.43.753FindingsDNA identification systemDNA databaseDNA data bank.
43.43.7532DNA identification systemDNA database account.
43.43.754DNA identification systemBiological samplesCollection, use, testingScope and application of section.
43.43.7541DNA identification systemCollection of biological samplesFee.
43.43.756DNA identification systemAnalysis, assistance, and testimony services.
43.43.758DNA identification systemLocal law enforcement systemsLimitations.
43.43.759DNA identification systemRule-making requirements.
43.43.760Personal identificationRequestsPurposeApplicantsFee.
43.43.762Criminal street gang databaseInformation exempt from public disclosure.
43.43.765Reports of transfer, release or changes as to committed or imprisoned personsRecords.
43.43.770Unidentified deceased persons.
43.43.775Interagency contracts.
43.43.780Transfer of records, data, equipment to section.
43.43.785Criminal justice servicesConsolidationEstablishment of program.
43.43.800Criminal justice services programsDuties of executive committee.
43.43.810Obtaining information by false pretensesUnauthorized use of informationFalsifying recordsPenalty.
43.43.815Conviction record furnished to employerPurposesNotification to subject of recordFeesLimitationsInjunctive relief, damages, attorneys' feesDisclaimer of liabilityRules.
43.43.820Stale records.
43.43.822County sheriff to forward registration informationFelony firearm offense conviction databaseExempt from public disclosure.
43.43.823Incorporation of denied firearm transaction recordsRemoval of record, when requiredNoticeRules.
43.43.825Guilty plea or conviction for certain felony crimesNotification of state patrolTransmission of information to the department of health.
43.43.830Background checksAccess to children or vulnerable personsDefinitions.
43.43.832Background checksDisclosure of informationSharing of criminal background information by health care facilities.
43.43.8321Background checksDissemination of conviction record information.
43.43.833Background checksState immunity.
43.43.834Background checks by business, organization, or insurance companyLimitationsCivil liability.
43.43.836Disclosure to individual of own recordFee.
43.43.837Fingerprint-based background checksRequirements for applicants and service providersShared background checksFeesRules to establish financial responsibility.
43.43.838Record checksTranscript of conviction recordFeesImmunityRules.
43.43.839Fingerprint identification account.
43.43.840Notification to licensing agency of employment termination for certain crimes against persons.
43.43.842Vulnerable adultsAdditional licensing requirements for agencies, facilities, and individuals providing services.
43.43.845Notification of conviction or guilty plea of certain felony crimesTransmittal of information to superintendent of public instruction.
43.43.850Organized crime intelligence unitCreated.
43.43.852"Organized crime" defined.
43.43.854Powers and duties of organized crime intelligence unit.
43.43.856Divulging investigative information prohibitedConfidentialitySecurity of records and files.
43.43.870Missing children clearinghouse and hotline, duties of state patrol.
43.43.874Missing and murdered indigenous women, other indigenous personsLiaison positions.
43.43.876Missing and murdered indigenous women, other indigenous personsProtocolTraining.
43.43.880Agreements with contiguous statesJointly occupied ports of entryCollection of fees and taxes.
43.43.885No-buy list database program.
43.43.887No-buy list database programWashington association of sheriffs and police chiefs not liable for civil damages.
43.43.912ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.
43.43.930State fire protection servicesIntent.
43.43.934Director of fire protectionDuties.
43.43.938Director of fire protectionAppointmentDuties.
43.43.939Director of fire protectionAdoption of minimum standard requirements for before-school and after-school programs.
43.43.940Fire service training programGrants and bequests.
43.43.942Fire service trainingFees and fee schedules.
43.43.944Fire service training account.
43.43.946Fire services trust fund.
43.43.948Fire services trust fundExpenditures.
43.43.950Fire service training center bond retirement account of 1977.
43.43.952Arson investigation information systemFindingsIntent.
43.43.960State fire service mobilizationDefinitions.
43.43.961State fire service mobilizationLegislative declaration and intent.
43.43.962State fire service mobilizationState fire services mobilization planState fire resources coordinator.
43.43.963State fire service mobilizationRegional fire defense boardsRegional fire service plansRegions established.
43.43.964State fire service mobilizationDevelopment of reimbursement procedures.
43.43.965State fire service mobilizationPlan use for purposes other than fire suppressionAnnual report.
43.43.970Law enforcement mobilizationDefinitions.
43.43.971Law enforcement mobilizationState law enforcement mobilization policy boardState law enforcement mobilization plan.
43.43.972Law enforcement mobilizationLocal law enforcement request for mobilizationState law enforcement resource coordinatorMobilization responseDeclaration of end of mobilization.
43.43.973State law enforcement mobilizationState law enforcement coordinatorDuties.
43.43.974State law enforcement mobilizationRegions establishedRegional law enforcement mobilization committeesRegional law enforcement mobilization plans.
43.43.975State law enforcement mobilizationDevelopment of reimbursement proceduresEligibility of nonhost law enforcement authority for reimbursement.


Abatement of certain structures, signs or devices on city streets, county roads or state highways as public nuisances, chief's duties relating to: RCW 47.36.180.
Abating as public nuisance signs erected or maintained contrary to highway advertising control act, chief's duties relating to: RCW 47.42.080.
Aircraft cost sharing: See 1990 c 298 § 4.
Amateur radio operators with special license plates, list of furnished to: RCW 46.18.205.
Authority: Chapter 10.93 RCW.
Chaplain authorized: RCW 41.22.020.
Civil disorder, use of patrol: RCW 43.06.270.
Control of traffic on capitol grounds, chief enforcing officer: RCW 46.08.160.
Coroner's report of deaths by vehicle accidents, to be made to: RCW 46.52.050.
Disturbances at state penal facilities
development of contingency plansScopeLocal participation: RCW 72.02.150.
use of outside law enforcement personnelScope: RCW 72.02.160.
Dog handler using dog in line of dutyImmunity: RCW 4.24.410.
Driver license fees for use of state patrol: RCW 46.68.041.
Enforcement of laws on limited access facilities, state patrol to have independent and concurrent jurisdiction: RCW 47.52.200.
Facilities siting, coordination with department of licensing: RCW 46.01.330.
Funding, state patrol highway account: RCW 46.68.030.
Hazardous materials incident command agency, state patrol as: RCW 70.136.030.
Inspection of railroad crew transportation vehicles by state patrol: RCW 81.61.040.
Insurance, group life, generally: RCW 48.24.090.
Intoxicating liquor, report of seizure: RCW 66.32.090.
Jurisdiction: Chapter 10.93 RCW.
Missing persons systems, involvement with: RCW 36.28A.120.
Motor carrier safety inspections: RCW 81.80.330.
Motor vehicle
accidents and reports, powers and duties relating to: Chapter 46.52 RCW.
equipment standardsPowers and duties: RCW 46.37.005.
inspection duties: Chapter 46.32 RCW.
size, weight and load limits, duties: Chapter 46.44 RCW.
Off-road and nonhighway vehicles: Chapter 46.09 RCW.
Portability of public retirement benefits: Chapter 41.54 RCW.
Private carrier drivers, rules: RCW 46.73.010.
Prohibited practices relating to motor vehicle inspection by members of: RCW 46.32.050.
Requests for nonconviction criminal history fingerprint record checks for agency heads"Agency head" defined: RCW 43.06.013.
School buses, regulations for design, marking and mode of operation, chief to advise on: RCW 46.61.380.
Snowmobile act enforcement: RCW 46.10.360.
State patrol highway account: RCW 46.68.030.
Teletypewriter communications network, powers and duties of chief: Chapter 43.89 RCW.
Towing operators, appointment by the state patrol: RCW 46.55.115.
Traffic safety commission, chief of state patrol member of: RCW 43.59.030.
Transportation of hazardous materials, chief's powers and duties relating to: RCW 46.48.170, 46.48.175.