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Students with disabilitiesCore services describedNotice of nondiscrimination.

Each institution of higher education shall ensure that students with disabilities are reasonably accommodated within that institution. The institution of higher education shall provide students with disabilities with the appropriate core service or services necessary to ensure equal access.
Core services shall include, but not be limited to:
(1) Flexible procedures in the admissions process that use a holistic review of the student's potential, including appropriate consideration in statewide and institutional alternative admissions programs;
(2) Early registration or priority registration;
(3) Sign language, oral and tactile interpreter services, or other technological alternatives;
(4) Textbooks and other educational materials in alternative media, including, but not limited to, large print, braille, electronic format, and audiotape;
(5) Provision of readers, notetakers, scribes, and proofreaders including recruitment, training, and coordination;
(6) Ongoing review and coordination of efforts to improve campus accessibility, including but not limited to, all aspects of barrier-free design, signage, high-contrast identification of hazards of mobility barriers, maintenance of access during construction, snow and ice clearance, and adequate disability parking for all facilities;
(7) Facilitation of physical access including, but not limited to, relocating of classes, activities, and services to accessible facilities and orientation if route of travel needs change, such as at the beginning of a quarter or semester;
(8) Access to adaptive equipment including, but not limited to, TDDs, FM communicators, closed caption devices, amplified telephone receivers, closed circuit televisions, low-vision reading aids, player/recorders for 15/16 4-track tapes, photocopy machines able to use eleven-by-seventeen inch paper, brailling devices, and computer enhancements;
(9) Referral to appropriate on-campus and off-campus resources, services, and agencies;
(10) Release of syllabi, study guides, and other appropriate instructor-produced materials in advance of general distribution, and access beyond the regular classroom session to slides, films, overheads and other media and taping of lectures;
(11) Accessibility for students with disabilities to tutoring, mentoring, peer counseling, and academic advising that are available on campus;
(12) Flexibility in test taking arrangements;
(13) Referral to the appropriate entity for diagnostic assessment and documentation of the disability;
(14) Flexibility in timelines for completion of courses, certification, and degree requirements;
(15) Flexibility in credits required to be taken to satisfy institutional eligibility for financial aid; and
(16) Notification of the institution of higher education's policy of nondiscrimination on the basis of disability and of steps the student may take if he or she believes discrimination has taken place. This notice shall be included in all formal correspondence that communicates decisions or policies adversely affecting the student's status or rights with the institution of higher education. This notice shall include the phone numbers of the United States department of education, the United States office of civil rights, and the Washington state human rights commission.


Intent1994 c 105: See note following RCW 28B.10.910.
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