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The 1980s
Newspaper Articles

1981: Governor's Veto
The Seattle Times, May 2, 1981. Don Duncan, "Gerrymander alive and well in Washington."
The Seattle Times, May 18, 1981. Richard W. Larsen, "Spellman vetoes, signs parts of redistricting plan"

1982: Initial Legislation for a Redistricting Commission
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, August 17, 1982. Larry Lange, "Everett in or out of the 1st District? Judges will decide"
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, November 30, 1982. Neil Modie, "3 U.S. judges kill state congressional districts"
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, December 12, 1982. Neil Modie, "Take redistricting from Legislature, Munro says"

1983: A Temporary Commission and Permanent Constitutional Change
Seattle Times, February 15, 1983. "Ron Dunlap is legislators' fourth appointee to congressional redistricting panel"
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, March 30, 1983. Neil Modie, "Redistricting plan signed—Spellman backs commission"

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