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The 1960s: 1963

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Donald W. Moos

Portrait of Donald Moos
Donald Moos, an Eastern Washington Republican representing the 8th District in the House, joined in the redistricting battles of the 1960s. In 1963 Representative Moos developed a proposal for a constitutional amendment on redistricting that would protect the representation of small rural districts and participated in lengthy negotiations with Democratic redistricting leader Bob Greive. The Moos amendment passed the House but failed in the Senate. During the 1965 session Moos continued his active involvement in conference committees working toward the passage of a redistricting bill.

* Photograph provided by the Washington State Archives

John L. O'Brien

Portrait of John L. O'Brien
John L. O'Brien was appointed to the House after the death of Representative Harry Austin in 1939 and went on to serve an unprecedented 26 terms. O'Brien was elected as the Speaker of the House in 1955 and held that position until the 1963 session. In that year the Democratic margin in the house was small and a coalition of Republicans and dissident Democrats, angry over a number of issues including redistricting, joined to defeat his bid for the Speakership. O'Brien later held the office of Speaker Pro Tempore for eighteen years.

* Photograph provided by the Washington State Archives

William S. Day

Portrait of William S. Day
A Democrat from Spokane County in Eastern Washington, William S. Day served five terms in the House and three in the Senate. Day joined a group of dissident Democrats and Republicans who mustered enough votes to oust John L. O'Brien as Speaker of the House in 1963. Day was elected to replace him and worked to promote a compromise redistricting bill.

* Photograph provided by the Washington State Archives


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