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Chapter 296-878 WAC

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HTMLPDF296-878-11005Train workers to use window-cleaning equipment.
HTMLPDF296-878-120Building surfaces and fixtures.
HTMLPDF296-878-12005Make sure building surfaces and fixtures are safe to use.
HTMLPDF296-878-130Inspection procedures.
HTMLPDF296-878-13005Inspect the area to be cleaned.
HTMLPDF296-878-13010Inspect window-cleaning equipment before use.
HTMLPDF296-878-140Develop site-specific service and emergency plans.
HTMLPDF296-878-14005Develop a site-specific service and emergency recovery plan for window-cleaning operations.
HTMLPDF296-878-15005Select and use appropriate equipment.
HTMLPDF296-878-15015Select appropriate rope for suspended equipment.
HTMLPDF296-878-15020Select appropriate carabiners.
HTMLPDF296-878-15025Use fall protection equipment.
HTMLPDF296-878-160Warning signs and barricades.
HTMLPDF296-878-16005Provide warning signs and barricades when suspended equipment is used.
HTMLPDF296-878-170Power line clearances.
HTMLPDF296-878-17005Maintain clearance between window cleaners and power lines.
HTMLPDF296-878-180Window-cleaners' belts and anchors.
HTMLPDF296-878-18005Select appropriate window-cleaners' belts and anchors.
HTMLPDF296-878-18010Inspect the anchors you plan to use for window cleaning.
HTMLPDF296-878-18015Use window-cleaners' belts safely.
HTMLPDF296-878-18020Move safely on the outside of buildings.
HTMLPDF296-878-190Boatswains' chairs.
HTMLPDF296-878-19005Select appropriate boatswains' chairs.
HTMLPDF296-878-19010Safely use boatswains' chairs rigged with a block and tackle.
HTMLPDF296-878-200Rope descent systems.
HTMLPDF296-878-20005Select appropriate rope descent systems.
HTMLPDF296-878-20010Safely use rope descent systems.
HTMLPDF296-878-20015Safely use rope descent devices.
HTMLPDF296-878-210Equipment prohibited.
HTMLPDF296-878-21005Prohibit equipment from use.Effective until October 1, 2020
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