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PDFWAC 296-54-58930

Log trucks—Reaches and bunks.

(1) Log trailers must be connected to tractors by reaches of a size and strength to withstand all normal imposed stresses.
(2) Hand-holds or other facilities must be installed on trailer tongues or trailer reaches if workers are required to manually assist in coupling them to their tractors or trucks.
(3) The reaches of unloaded trailers being towed must have and use a minimum one-inch pin near the end or an equally effective means to prevent pulling or stripping through the tunnel.
(4) Reach locks, clamps, or tighteners must be of the type that will securely lock the reach in the tunnel.
(5) All reaches must be the maximum size usable in the tunnel of a trailer.
(6) Altering a trailer tunnel to permit reduction of reach size is prohibited.
(7) Every truck or truck and trailer engaged in transporting logs loaded lengthwise must be equipped with bunks and chock blocks or stakes.
(8) Log bunks or any part of a bunk assembly bent enough to cause bunks to bind, must be straightened. Bunks must be sharp enough to prevent logs from slipping.
(9) All trucks with swivel bunks must have bunk locks or an equivalent system of holding the bunks in place while loading logs.
(10) The bunks or bolsters of any truck or trailer must be either curved upward or straight. Bunks with ends lower than their centers are prohibited.
(11) Enough clearance must be maintained between the bunk and the bunk rider to prevent bunk binding.
(12) Trailer bunks must have a false or tilt bunk. The channel of the bunk must be kept reasonably free of debris.
(13) Stakes and stake extensions must be installed and maintained so that the angle between bunks and stakes (and extensions if used) do not exceed ninety degrees when loaded.
(14) Frames, bunks, and running gear of log trucks must be maintained free of cracks, breaks and defects. If defects are found, they must be immediately repaired or the part replaced.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 49.17.010, [49.17].040 and [49.17].050. WSR 99-17-117, § 296-54-58930, filed 8/18/99, effective 12/1/99.]
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