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PDFWAC 296-133-320

Record on appeal.

Upon receipt of a copy of the notice of appeal, the authorized agent shall promptly cause to be prepared and forwarded to the office of the director the record on appeal which shall include, a transcript of the proceedings of any hearing held by the authorized agent, the originals of all exhibits or documentary evidence admitted in evidence or rejected in evidence by the authorized agent and any other papers or evidence before the authorized agent relied upon in arriving at his decision. All exhibits shall be appropriately and plainly marked for reference. In addition the authorized agent shall certify in the appropriately titled case the record on appeal as containing all of the evidence, matters and things coming before the authorized agent at the hearing, or relied upon in making his findings, conclusions, decision and any remedial order. A copy of the record on appeal, or any portion thereof, may be obtained by any party to the appeal upon payment to the authorized agent of the reasonable cost per page.
[Order 72-13, ยง 296-133-320, filed 7/31/72.]
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