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PDFWAC 296-133-070

Employee association or organization—Qualifications.

In order to qualify as an employee association as referred to in section 3 of the act, any such organization or association:
(1) Upon request by the authorized agent, or any party of interest, must produce authentic records of how, when and by whom the organization was formed.
(2) Shall have a written constitution and/or bylaws which plainly indicates that one of the primary purposes of the organization or association is to represent employees in labor relations matters with employers and is consistent with the requirements of the act and is available for review by any member.
(3) The constitution and/or bylaws must provide:
(a) An approved, customary or recognized method for the nomination and election of officers in accordance with accepted parliamentary procedures, the terms of such officers not to exceed four years.
(b) An approved method of financial record keeping and a financial audit at least once a year, which audit is available to any member for review.
(c) That at least four regular meetings must be held each year with adequate notice of meetings to all members.
(d) That a specific and reasonable minimum number of members or a percentage of the membership must be present to form a quorum before any organization business may be transacted at regular or special meetings.
[Order 72-13, § 296-133-070, filed 7/31/72.]
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