Chapter 296-127 WAC

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296-127-010Definitions for chapter 296-127 WAC.
296-127-011Time for determining prevailing wage.
296-127-013Scope of work descriptions.
296-127-01301Certified asbestos abatement workers.
296-127-01303Heat and frost insulators and asbestos workers.
296-127-01306Brick masons.
296-127-01308Building service employees (janitors, waxers, and window washers).
296-127-01309Cabinet makers.
296-127-01312Carpenter tenders.
296-127-01313Carpet and resilient floor layers.
296-127-01315Cement masons.
296-127-01316Diver and diver tender.
296-127-01317Drywall applicators (drywall nailers and sheetrock installers).
296-127-01318Drywall finishers (tapers).
296-127-01320Power line construction electricians.
296-127-01322Electronic technicians.
296-127-01323Inside wireman electrician.
296-127-01324Electrician-motor shop.
296-127-01325Electrical fixture maintenance workers.
296-127-01327Elevator constructors.
296-127-01328Fence erectors and fence laborers.
296-127-01332Hod carriers, mason tenders, and mortarmen.
296-127-01333Heating equipment mechanics.
296-127-01334Industrial power vacuum cleaner.
296-127-01335Inland boatmen.
296-127-01337Insulation applicators.
296-127-01340Laborers in utilities construction.
296-127-01342Clean-up laborers.
296-127-01346Landscape construction.
296-127-01349Marble setters.
296-127-01352Metal fabricators.
296-127-01354Operating engineers (equipment operators).
296-127-01358Pile drivers.
296-127-01362Playground and park equipment installers.
296-127-01364Plumbers, pipefitters, and steamfitters.
296-127-01366Ready mix truck drivers.
296-127-01367Refrigeration mechanic.
296-127-01369Remote controlled cleaning, inspection and sealing of underground sewer and water systems.
296-127-01372Sheet metal workers.
296-127-01374Sign makers and sign installers.
296-127-01375Sprinkler fitters.
296-127-01376Stone masons.
296-127-01377Outside telephone line construction.
296-127-01378Telecommunication technicians.
296-127-01379Terrazzo (artificial marble) workers.
296-127-01382Terrazzo workers' helpers, tile and marble setters' helpers (finishers).
296-127-01384Tile setters.
296-127-01386Traffic control stripers.
296-127-01387Power line clearance tree trimming.
296-127-01389Utilities construction (underground sewers and water lines).
296-127-01391Water well drillers, exploration drillers, water well pump installers, and equipment oilers.
296-127-01392Stage rigging mechanics (nonstructural).
296-127-01393Street sweepers (nonconstruction).
296-127-01394Tinting and coating installer.
296-127-01396Construction site surveyor.
296-127-01398Truck drivers.
296-127-014Usual benefits.
296-127-01410Information concerning prevailing wage usual benefits.
296-127-015Applicability of prevailing wages for supervisors.
296-127-017Notice of wage determinations.
296-127-018Coverage and exemptions of workers involved in the production and delivery of gravel, concrete, asphalt, or similar materials.
296-127-019Survey methodology.
296-127-020Interpretation of phrases used in chapter 39.12 RCW.
296-127-021Apprentice worker.
296-127-022Overtime according to RCW 49.28.065.
296-127-023Building service maintenance.
296-127-025Applicability of joint federal-state standards.
296-127-026Exemptions for sole owners and their spouses, partnerships, corporations, and employees of public agencies.
296-127-030Irrigation district exemption.
296-127-040Statement of intent to pay prevailing wages.
296-127-045Affidavit of wages paid.
296-127-050Filing of statements of intent to pay prevailing wages and affidavits of wages paid for contracts under two thousand five hundred dollars.
296-127-060Director of department of labor and industries to arbitrate disputes—General provisions.
296-127-061Requests for arbitration.
296-127-062Conduct of arbitration hearing.
296-127-130Filing of complaint.
296-127-140Investigation of complaint.
296-127-150Notice of violation.
296-127-160Appeal of notice of violation.
296-127-170Hearing on notice of violation.
296-127-180Effect of final decision finding a violation of RCW 39.12.065.
296-127-190Filing of lien against retainage or bonds.
296-127-200Surety bond payable to director.
296-127-210Suit against retainage and bonds.
296-127-220Distribution of recovery.
296-127-300Filing and service.
296-127-310List of violators.
296-127-420Application for a subprevailing wage certificate.
296-127-430Conditions for granting a subprevailing wage certificate.
296-127-440Issuance of a subprevailing wage certificate.
296-127-450Terms of subprevailing wage certificate.
296-127-460Renewal of subprevailing wage certificate.
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