Chapter 263-12 WAC

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WAC Sections

263-12-007Application of chapter.
263-12-010Function and jurisdiction.
263-12-015Administration and organization.
263-12-01501Communications and filing with the board.
263-12-016Public records—Location.
263-12-017Request for public records.
263-12-01701Copying fees—Payments.
263-12-018Public records—Exemptions.
263-12-019Review of denials of public records requests.
263-12-020Appearances of parties before the board.
263-12-045Industrial appeals judges.
263-12-050Contents of notice of appeal.
263-12-052Contents of claim resolution structured settlement agreement.
263-12-054Petition to enforce terms of claim resolution structured settlement agreement.
263-12-059Appeals arising under the Washington Industrial Safety and Health Act; contents of notice of appeal; notice to affected employees; request for stay of abatement pending appeal.
263-12-060Filing appeals—Limitation of time.
263-12-065Disposition on department record.
263-12-070Granting the appeal.
263-12-075Cross appeals.
263-12-080Correction and amendment of notice.
263-12-090Conferences—Notice of conferences.
263-12-091Affidavits of prejudice.
263-12-092Mediation and claim resolution structured settlement agreement conferences.
263-12-093Conferences—Disposition of appeals by agreement.
263-12-095Conference procedures.
263-12-100Hearings—Notice of hearing.
263-12-106Expedited hearings.
263-12-115Procedures at hearings.
263-12-117Perpetuation depositions.
263-12-11801Motions that are dispositive—Motion to dismiss; motion for summary judgment; voluntary dismissal.
263-12-11802Employer's motion for a stay of the order on appeal.
263-12-120Additional evidence by industrial appeals judge.
263-12-125Applicability of court rules.
263-12-140Proposed decisions and orders.
263-12-145Petition for review.
263-12-150Finality of proposed decisions and orders.
263-12-155Final decisions and orders after review.
263-12-156Board review of final order.
263-12-160Final decisions favoring workers or beneficiaries—Retention of jurisdiction to fix interest due.
263-12-165Attorney's fees.
263-12-170Appeals to superior court—Certification of record.
263-12-171Appeals to superior court—Service of final court order or judgment on the board.
263-12-175Computation of time.
263-12-180Petitions for declaratory ruling.
263-12-190Petitions for rule making.
263-12-195Significant decisions.
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