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PDFWAC 246-290-105

Small water system management program.

(1) The purpose of a small water system management program is to:
(a) Demonstrate the system's operational, technical, managerial, and financial capability to achieve and maintain compliance with all relevant local, state, and federal plans and regulations; and
(b) Establish eligibility for funding under chapter 246-296 WAC.
(2) All noncommunity systems and community systems not required to complete a water system plan under WAC 246-290-100(2) shall develop and implement a small water system management program.
(3) The purveyor shall submit this program for department review and approval when:
(a) A new NTNC public water system is created;
(b) An existing system has operational, technical, managerial, or financial problems, as determined by the department; or
(c) An existing system without approved construction documents is seeking as-built system approval under WAC 246-290-140; or
(d) A system applies for funding under chapter 246-296 WAC.
(4) Content and detail shall be consistent with the size, complexity, past performance, and use of the public water system. General content topics shall include, but not be limited to, the following elements:
(a) System management;
(b) Annual operating permit;
(c) Water facilities inventory form;
(d) Service area and facility map. Municipal water suppliers shall identify the area that will expand their water rights' place of use if the requirements under WAC 246-290-107 have been met;
(e) Water right self-assessment;
(f) Description of the system's source(s) including the name and location of any body of water from which its water is diverted or withdrawn;
(g) A water use efficiency program. Municipal water suppliers must meet the requirements in WAC 246-290-810;
(h) Water production and consumption data including each of the following:
(i) Monthly and annual production for each source, including water purchased from another public water system;
(ii) Annual consumption totals for residential and nonresidential connections;
(iii) Total annual volume of water supplied to other public water systems;
(i) Average daily demand;
(j) Current population served;
(k) The forecast of average daily demand based on the system's approved number of connections that considers:
(i) Water use trends based on actual water use records; and
(ii) Applicable land use plans;
(l) An evaluation that has considered the feasibility of adopting and implementing a rate structure that encourages water demand efficiency;
(m) Source water protection program;
(n) Component inventory and assessment;
(o) List of planned system improvements;
(p) Water quality monitoring program;
(q) Operation and maintenance program under WAC 246-290-415(2) and 246-290-654(5) as applicable;
(r) Cross-connection control program;
(s) Emergency response plan; and
(t) Budget.
(5) The department may require changes be made to a small water system management program if necessary to effectively accomplish the program's purpose.
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