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PDFWAC 516-36-025

Scheduling and reservation practicesDuties of requestor.

(1) The primary purpose of university property is to serve the university's instructional, research, and public service activities. However, when not required for scheduled university use, property may be available for rental by nonuniversity groups or individuals in accordance with current fee schedules and other relevant terms and conditions.
(2) No university property may be used by individuals or groups unless the property, including buildings, equipment, and land, have been reserved except as provided in chapter 516-35 WAC. Reservations may not be required in limited public forum areas if the intended use of the property would not cause cost to the university or impact scheduled university activity.
(3) Requests to use university property are made to the space approval authority, as defined in WAC 516-36-008(6) and in accordance with WAC 516-36-020.
(4) The space approval authority may deny the request to use university property when such use would violate any of the limitations set forth in WAC 516-36-030 or where the requestor is unwilling to comply with university requirements for the use of property, as authorized by this chapter.
(5) The university may require an individual or organization to make an advance deposit, post a bond or obtain insurance to protect the university against cost or other liability as a condition to allowing use of any university property.
(6) When the university grants permission to an individual or organization to use its property it is with the understanding and on the condition that the individual or organization assumes full responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from such use and agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the university against any loss or damage claim arising out of such use.
(7) The university and/or government authorities may specify fire, safety, sanitation, and special regulations for activities occurring in, on or with university property. It is the responsibility of the user to obey those regulations, as well as to comply with other applicable university policies, procedures, rules, regulations, and state, local, and federal laws.
(8) When the university grants permission to an individual or organization to use its facilities, the facility may be subject to inspection by a representative of the university after the event. Reasonable charges may be assessed against the sponsoring organization for the costs of extraordinary cleanup or for the repair of the damaged property.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.35.120(12). WSR 22-13-123, § 516-36-025, filed 6/17/22, effective 7/18/22; WSR 18-13-073, § 516-36-025, filed 6/15/18, effective 7/16/18.]
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