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PDFWAC 51-04-025

Procedure for submittal of proposed statewide amendments.

(1) Statewide and emergency statewide amendments to the state building code shall conform to the purposes, objectives, and standards prescribed in RCW 19.27.020.
Applications for proposed statewide amendments shall be complete, include a detailed economic analysis of impacts of the proposed statewide amendment and be submitted in writing to the council, on the form provided by the council. The amendment must address existing model code language; a change in the model codes since a previous edition; or an existing state or local amendment to the model code; or a portion of the state code other than the model code. The state building code council shall consider the action of the model code organizations in their consideration of these proposals.
Statewide and emergency statewide amendments to the state building code shall be based on one of the following criteria:
(a) The amendment is needed to address a critical life/safety need.
(b) The amendment clarifies the intent or application of the code.
(c) The amendment is necessary for consistency with state or federal laws and regulations.
(d) The amendment corrects errors and omissions.
(e) The amendment eliminates an obsolete, conflicting, duplicating or unnecessary regulation.
(2) Petitions for statewide amendments to the building code shall be submitted to the council during the submission period and the adoption period in accordance with WAC 51-04-020. Minimum requirements specified on the form for submittals must be included. Incomplete submittals will be held for thirty days and the proponent will be notified with a request for more information. If after thirty days, the applicant has not provided requested information for a complete application, the proponent's proposal will be deemed incomplete and shall not move forward.
(3) Petitions for emergency statewide amendments to the building code may be submitted at any time, in accordance with RCW 19.27.074 and chapter 34.05 RCW, and WAC 51-04-015 and 51-04-020.
The council may refer a proposed statewide amendment to one of the council standing committees for review and comment prior to council action in accordance with chapter 34.05 RCW.
(4) The council shall consider and take action on all proposed statewide amendments within the time frames required by chapter 19.27 RCW, RCW 34.05.330, and all other deadlines established by statute.
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