Chapter 508-12 WAC

Last Update: 6/1/92


WAC Sections

508-12-010Regulation of water right diversions—Personnel.
508-12-020Regulation of water right diversions—Regulation of unincorporated partnership ditches.
508-12-030Regulation of water right diversions—Controlling works—Measuring devices.
508-12-040Regulation of water right diversions—Controlling works—Headgates.
508-12-050Regulation of water right diversions—Closure of diversions.
508-12-060Regulation of water right diversions—Penalty for opening.
508-12-080Determination of existing rights to the use of water.
508-12-090Surface water appropriation procedure—Rights of way.
508-12-100Surface water appropriation procedure—Applications for permit—Forms.
508-12-110Surface water appropriation procedure—Number of applications.
508-12-120Surface water appropriation procedure—Maps or sketches.
508-12-130Surface water appropriation procedure—Applications filed by nonowners.
508-12-140Surface water appropriation procedure—Priority of application.
508-12-150Surface water appropriation procedure—Affidavit of publication of notice.
508-12-160Surface water appropriation procedure—No action on permits allowable prior to thirty days after last publication.
508-12-170Surface water appropriation procedure—Protests or objections.
508-12-180Surface water appropriation procedure—Amendments or transfers.
508-12-190Surface water appropriation procedure—Amendments as to source, quantity, etc.
508-12-200Surface water appropriation procedure—Division of land ownership before certificate issued.
508-12-210Surface water appropriation procedure—Seasonal permits.
508-12-220Groundwater appropriation procedure—Applicability of foregoing rules.
508-12-230Groundwater appropriation procedure—Relative rights—Ground and surface water appropriators.
508-12-240Groundwater appropriation procedure—Where proposed construction is near surface water supply.
508-12-250Groundwater appropriation procedure—Where wells penetrate artesian water zones.
508-12-260Reservoir permits—Where required.
508-12-270Reservoir permits—Limits on filling.
508-12-410Regulation review.
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