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PDFWAC 490-105-050

Sales agent registration.

(See RCW 28C.10.060.)
(1) Each school shall be responsible for conduct of its admission/sales agents in the performance of their duties and shall provide them with adequate training to ensure compliance with training standards specified in subsection (6) of this section.
(2) Each school must register its sales agents with the agency within thirty calendar days of their hire. An application to register a sales agent must be in a format supplied by the agency.
(3) Each individual applying to be registered as an agent is considered to be acting as an agent of the school designated on the application. No person can be independently registered to perform the functions of an agent.
(4) If an individual is applying to represent a private vocational school that is located in another state and does not operate a training facility within Washington state, the application must be accompanied by the fee in WAC 490-105-070(2).
(5) Each school to which the agent is registered must inactivate the agent within thirty calendar days following the date that the registered agent ceases to perform those services.
(6) Each school shall ensure proper training to sales agents prior to their representing the school. The training shall include at a minimum:
(a) An applicant for sales agent must receive a copy of the Private Vocational School Act (chapter 28C.10 RCW) and the regulations contained in this chapter; all applicants must acknowledge that they have read the statutes and regulations concerning the Private Vocational School Act, by signing an attestation statement to be included in the personnel file;
(b) An applicant for sales agent shall be of good moral character and reputation as referenced in WAC 490-105-044(7); and
(c) The school shall ensure that each applicant is knowledgeable of the school's catalog, enrollment agreement and their policies and procedures.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28.10.040 [28C.10.040]. WSR 15-24-088, § 490-105-050, filed 11/30/15, effective 12/31/15. Statutory Authority: RCW 28C.10.040(2). WSR 98-22-033, § 490-105-050, filed 10/29/98, effective 11/29/98.]
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