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PDFWAC 480-80-103

Tariff format.

(1) Tariff sheet format.
(a) A utility must clearly print or type all tariffs on eight and one-half inch by eleven inch paper, with at least one-half inch margins on each side.
(b) The tariff sheet must include a blank space at least two inches wide and one and one-half inches high in the upper right hand corner of the sheet for commission use.
(c) Tariff sheets filed electronically must meet the requirements set forth in the applicable commission procedures.
(2) Sheet requirements. Each tariff sheet must specify:
(a) The designated tariff number;
(b) The tariff sheet revision number;
(c) The name of the utility issuing the tariff; and
(d) The effective date.
(3) Sheet numbering. Each tariff sheet must have a unique sheet number.
(a) The utility must designate the initial tariff sheet as the "original sheet."
(b) All subsequent revisions must be in sequential order and indicate the cancellation of the superseded sheet as follows:
On the first revision, designate the sheet as:
On the second revision, designate the sheet as:
(c) Each tariff revision sheet must use consecutive revision numbers and indicate the cancellation of the superseded sheet.
(d) A utility may reuse revision numbers assigned to sheets that were rejected or withdrawn for subsequent tariff changes.
(e) A utility may not reuse sheet numbers assigned to tariff sheets that are canceled and removed from the tariff during the life of the tariff unless the utility specifies that the sheet is reserved for future use.
(f) A utility may assign sheet numbers to sheets intended for future use.
(4) Authorizing signature.
(a) When the tariff sheets are submitted without a signature, the utility must include a statement in the transmittal letter certifying that the submitting person has authority to issue tariff revisions on behalf of the utility; or
(b) When the tariff sheets are submitted with a signature, such signature constitutes a certification that the person signing the tariff sheet has the authority to issue the tariff sheets on behalf of the utility.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 80.01.040 and 80.04.180. WSR 02-11-081 (Docket No. U-991301, General Order No. R-498), ยง 480-80-103, filed 5/14/02, effective 6/17/02.]
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