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PDFWAC 480-30-326

Tariffs and time schedules, less than statutory notice handling.

(1) The commission may allow auto transportation company tariff or time schedule filings to become effective with less notice than is shown in WAC 480-30-306 and 480-30-311 when there is an emergency or when good cause is shown. This process is known as "less than statutory notice" (LSN) handling.
(2) LSN application process. An auto transportation company filing for LSN handling may use an LSN form supplied by the commission, or a letter containing at least the following information:
(a) Company identification information:
(i) Name and registered trade name;
(ii) Certificate number;
(iii) Mailing address;
(iv) Telephone number, email address, and fax number; and
(v) The name and telephone number of a person to contact regarding the filing;
(b) Tariff or time schedule identification information:
(i) The identifying number and title of the tariff or time schedule being amended;
(ii) The identifying number and title of the tariff or time schedule item(s) being amended; and
(iii) The identifying number of the tariff or time schedule page being amended;
(c) A concise description of the provisions being proposed;
(d) A statement of the reason(s) for requesting LSN handling; and
(e) The effective date requested.
(3) Dates on pages. Granting LSN handling is at the discretion of the commission. All tariff or time schedule pages accompanying an application for LSN handling must display the effective date that would apply were the company not requesting LSN handling. If the commission grants the company's request for LSN handling, commission staff will enter the effective date authorized by the commission's order on the tariff or time schedule pages before returning copies to the company.
(4) Notice requirements. An auto transportation company requesting LSN handling of a filing must post notice in its offices, passenger facilities, and on all vehicles concurrent with submitting the filing to the commission. The company must file a copy of its public notice with the application for LSN handling.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 80.01.040, 81.04.160, 81.12.050, 81.68.030, and 81.70.270. WSR 06-13-006 (General Order No. R-533, Docket No. TC-020497), ยง 480-30-326, filed 6/8/06, effective 7/9/06.]
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