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PDFWAC 480-109-110

Conservation advisory group.

(1) Scope of issues. A utility must maintain and use an external conservation advisory group of stakeholders to advise the utility on conservation issues including, but not limited to:
(a) Conservation programs and measures.
(b) Updates to the utility's evaluation, measurement, and verification framework.
(c) Modification of existing, or development of new evaluation, measurement, and verification methods.
(d) Independent third-party evaluation of portfolio-level biennial conservation achievement.
(e) Development of conservation potential assessments, as required by RCW 19.285.040 (1)(a) and WAC 480-109-100(2).
(f) The methodology, inputs, and calculations for cost-effectiveness.
(g) The data sources and values used to develop and update supply curves.
(h) The need for tariff modifications or mid-biennium program corrections.
(i) The appropriate level of and planning for:
(i) Marketing conservation programs;
(ii) Incentives to customers for measures and services; and
(iii) Impact, market, and process evaluations.
(j) Programs for low-income residential customers.
(k) Establishment of the biennial conservation target and program achievement results compared to the target.
(l) Conservation program budgets and actual expenditures compared to budgets.
(m) Development and implementation of new and pilot programs.
(2) Advisory group meetings. A utility must meet with its conservation advisory group at least four times per year. Conservation advisory group members may request additional meetings. A utility must provide reasonable advance notice of all conservation advisory group meetings.
(3) Advance notification of filings. Except for the conservation cost recovery adjustment filing required in WAC 480-109-130, a utility must provide its conservation advisory group an electronic copy of all conservation filings that the utility intends to submit to the commission at least thirty days in advance of the filing. The filing cover letter must document the amount of advance notice provided to the conservation advisory group.
(4) Advance notification of meetings. A utility must notify its conservation advisory group of company and commission public meetings scheduled to address its conservation programs, its conservation tariffs, or the development of its conservation potential assessment.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 80.01.040, 80.04.160, and 19.285.080. WSR 15-07-043 (Docket UE-131723, General Order R-578), ยง 480-109-110, filed 3/12/15, effective 4/12/15.]
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