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PDFWAC 480-100-405

Electrical company generation resource compliance with the greenhouse gas emissions performance standard.

(1) No electrical company may enter into a long-term financial commitment after June 30, 2008, for the supply of baseload generation unless such generation complies with the greenhouse gas emissions performance standard. Electrical companies bear the burden to prove compliance with the greenhouse gas emissions performance standard under the requirements of WAC 480-100-415 or as part of a general rate case. For electrical companies that fail to carry their burden of proof, the commission may disallow recovery of some or all costs in rates, impose penalties, or take such other action as is consistent with law. Electrical companies seeking to prove compliance with the greenhouse gas emissions standard as part of a general rate case must submit all of the information specified in WAC 480-100-415. This chapter does not apply to any long-term financial commitment with the Bonneville power administration.
(2) The following definitions apply for purposes of this section, WAC 480-100-415, 480-100-425, and 480-100-435:
(a) "Baseload electric generation" means electric generation from a power plant that is designed and intended to provide electricity at an annualized plant capacity factor of at least sixty percent.
(b) "Electricity from unspecified sources" means electricity that is to be delivered in Washington pursuant to a long-term financial commitment entered into by an electrical company and whose sources or origins of generation and expected average annual deliveries cannot be ascertained with reasonable certainty.
(c) "Greenhouse gas emissions performance standard" means the standard established in RCW 80.80.040, WAC 173-407-120 and 173-407-130, and the verification and measurement procedures contained in WAC 173-407-140, 173-407-230, and 173-407-300.
(d) "Long-term financial commitment" means either a new ownership interest in baseload electric generation or an upgrade to a baseload electric generation facility; or a new or renewed contract for baseload electric generation with a term of five or more years for provision of retail power or wholesale power to end-use customers in this state.
(e) "New ownership interest" means a change in the ownership structure of a baseload power plant or a cogeneration facility or the electrical generation portion of a cogeneration facility affecting at least:
(i) Five percent of the market value of the power plant or cogeneration facility; or
(ii) Five percent of the electrical output of the power plant or cogeneration facility.
The above thresholds apply to each unit within a multiunit generation facility. A direct or indirect change in ownership of an electrical company does not constitute a new ownership interest in baseload electric generation.
(f) "Plant capacity factor" means the ratio of the electricity produced during a given time period, measured in kilowatt hours, to the electricity the unit could have produced if it had been operated at its rated capacity during that period, expressed in kilowatt hours.
(g) "Power plant" means a facility for the generation of electricity that is permitted as a single plant by a jurisdiction inside or outside the state.
(h) "State" means the state of Washington.
(i) "Upgrade" means any modification made for the primary purpose of increasing the electric generation capacity of a baseload electric generation facility or unit. Upgrade does not include:
(i) Routine or necessary maintenance;
(ii) Installation of emission control equipment;
(iii) Installation, replacement, or modification of equipment that improves the heat rate of the facility; or
(iv) Installation, replacement, or modification of equipment for the primary purpose of maintaining reliable generation output capability that does not increase the heat input or fuel usage as specified in existing generation air quality permits as of July 22, 2007, but may result in incidental increases in generation capacity.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 80.01.040, 80.04.160, and 80.08.060(8). WSR 10-23-032 (Docket UE-100865, General Order R-561), § 480-100-405, filed 11/9/10, effective 12/10/10. Statutory Authority: RCW 80.01.040, 80.04.160 and 80.80.060. WSR 08-23-047 (Docket UE-080111, General Order R-553), § 480-100-405, filed 11/14/08, effective 12/15/08.]
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