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PDFWAC 479-10-150

Project phases for the small city preservation program.

Small city preservation program projects will have three phases. Each phase will require specific documentation as described below and each phase must be approved before the applicant agency is eligible to receive the related funding:
(1) Application phase - The city shall submit an application form as well as documentation showing route and treatment plan.
(2) Design and construction phase - TIB will provide documents for the city to sign and return. The city must submit the following agreements where utilized:
(a) Fuel tax agreement.
(b) Rights of entry agreement (if applicable).
(c) Consultant agreement (if applicable).
(3) Project closeout phase - All necessary project cost documentation must be received prior to final payment.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 47.26 RCW. WSR 23-08-032, § 479-10-150, filed 3/28/23, effective 4/28/23; WSR 08-21-005, § 479-10-150, filed 10/2/08, effective 11/2/08.]
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