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Chapter 479-05 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF479-05-011Submission of proposed projects.
HTMLPDF479-05-012Out of call projects submission and limitations.
HTMLPDF479-05-020Six-year transportation plan.
HTMLPDF479-05-030A registered professional engineer must be in charge.
HTMLPDF479-05-035Qualifications for small city projects administered by another agency.
HTMLPDF479-05-040Value engineering study requirements.
HTMLPDF479-05-051Project phases.
HTMLPDF479-05-052Project modification and scope change.
HTMLPDF479-05-060Methods of construction.
HTMLPDF479-05-080Standard specifications.
HTMLPDF479-05-100Utility adjustments or relocations.
HTMLPDF479-05-101Railroad adjustments or relocation.
HTMLPDF479-05-120Street illumination and traffic control devices.
HTMLPDF479-05-130Project landscaping and aesthetic improvements.
HTMLPDF479-05-131Mitigation costs and limitations.
HTMLPDF479-05-140Acquisition of rights of way.
HTMLPDF479-05-141What is eligible for reimbursement of right of way costs.
HTMLPDF479-05-170Reimbursement of engineering costs.
HTMLPDF479-05-201When an agency may request an increase in TIB funds.
HTMLPDF479-05-202How an agency requests an increase in TIB funds.
HTMLPDF479-05-203Criteria the board and the executive director use when reviewing increase requests.
HTMLPDF479-05-204If an increase is not approved.
HTMLPDF479-05-211When a project is considered delayed.
HTMLPDF479-05-212The stages of delayed projects.
HTMLPDF479-05-213Review and consequences of delay.
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